Oct 25, 2010

Fall Review Marni RTW

Been digging, and found another collection that made me swoon. The fall collection for Marni is vintage and lovely. Well, lets start off with the design as a whole. Very 80's, but the patterns resemble the 70's. One of the dresses remind me of a dress i saw rose from the show "Golden Girls" wear! the accessories had a lot of eyelet through out, and once again 70's vibe. The colors were brilliant and melded together harmoniously, Strong patterns made even the most plain silhouette pop. what was also interesting was the collar designs and pant lengths, which reminded me of the late 60's. The leather gloves added gave the whole ensemble a hint of elegance. I'm a sucker for vintage, and this collection is riddled with it. I believe this was showcased at Milan fashion week, but I will hunt for her wears in the U.S very stellar collection this is.

Oct 23, 2010

Fall Review Suno fall 2010

You know Suno?
I will be honest, i didn't, but this fall collection let me know. I couldn't help but notice the array of tribal prints amongst the neutral toned palettes of black, white, camel caramel, etc. They created streamline cuts with eye popping color, enough to wake the fall up! With a not so serious take on fashion, Suno comes through with a shock to the system shaking things up with vintage geometric prints incorporated with neon's, blues and even a hint of pink. Not conformed, and that's great, because I'm glad to know that not all the collections need to go in the serious "fall criteria" direction. Just keep it real! that's what they did, and made sure that they came out stylish and funky with it. I think its modern and fresh, it makes you feel free and creative. They have peacock feathers featured on a ankle length dress, just precious. I like labels that make me feel different, different is always better!

Fall Review L'WREN SCOTT

What I'm thinking?
Proper, Prim, and well fitted comes to mind. I love this collection because she used velvet in a classic french feel. The clothes made me smile, it's lovely and realistic. The high choker collar with the broach, the velvet in rich colors, along with awesome accessories sure to be the talk of the fashion world. These clothes are sassy and chic with a HOT color palette. Just absolutely wearable. There is a leather dress in the collection that shows leather isn't just punk rock, but bitter sweet too. I want to commend her on the hats, it adds a smart whimsy to the ensemble. Sleek and trendy all the way, and I love the pops of color like lime greenish yellow here and there. It definitely says fall, and the black and white penguin cocktail dress is adorable. Everything in this collection makes sense, and does what its meant to do, which is maintain a comfortable feel. I can see a lot of buyers jumping at this collection, because they know that being comfortable and sexy is always in style.

Fall Review Jason Wu

So Wu-hoo for Wu
I'm really liking him, I mean the essence and sensible feel in his collection this fall is really understated if you ask me. Maybe I'm star struck? I mean his dress was worn by Michelle Obama at the presidential inauguration, and ever since then his name has been in WWD on the regular. But lets get back to this collection. I must say, he incorporated masculine themes and styling to create a line up fit for a mature elegant taste. Well he's got trousers sitting on the hips, plaid knee length jackets, and scoop neck blazers, just to name a few. He also has fuzzy wool (i think) lapels on jackets, paint treatments on coats, dainty polk-a-dots, metallic treatments on fabrics, and trimmings made of feathers. Also keep in mind his dressy dresses with silky draping and embellishments as delicate as dew drops. This line can be translated to any age bracket, it has a way of being trendy without out trying too hard.The cuts and fit is general, so anyone can really wear it. And some of the dresses have a "couture" feel to it. Basically he is beyond up and coming, he has arrived and i believe the best is yet to come.

Fall Review RODARTE

This is one of my faves, Rodarte has maintained the style of distressed fabrics in pastel colors. I love the mix of vintage floral patterns amongst the layers of soft silk, charmuse, and knits. I love different knits in this collection because its a no stress method of practicality. The trimming and bulkiness of the line ads to the edge of the clothing in its entirety. The colors look "springy" to me, but the overall feel and warmth screams fall. it reminds me of "Raggedy Ann" in the snow, and girly with an edge. There are patterns that remind me of tribal wear,but they contrast well with the delicate theme. The white on white is just fabulous, the details cant be seen from a far though, off white can be tricky in photos. Rodarte is always true to its style, but i hope they will add more of an element of surprise because consistency can easily turn to boredom.

Fall Review 3.1 PHILLIP LIM

At first glance i would say this fall collection is mature in its colors and silhouettes, but playful in textures and patterns . This collection plays on a number of different moods from sequins and satin blazers, to cozy knits in solid colors. He did have a denim look refreshingly placed amongst the groups of trio colored wool. The giraffe patterned suit is respectable, considering its usual appearance is in summer. Variety is apparent in this collection, imagination soars on the number of combinations within this collection, as well as the potential of the pieces alone. With the collections classic cuts, any body type would be flattering. Fresh and nostalgic mixed with fun and fresh...that's a mouth full, and an eye full too. I mean just check out Emma Stone on the cover of Nylon Magazine the October 2010 issues ;)

Oct 22, 2010

My Review of Fall/Winter 2010

Bringing you the style? I decided to actually do a review of Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2010. I love clothes, and I just feel that it's my duty to make others love it as much as I do :P So my next couple of blogs will be me reviewing my favorite collections. I actually should be showing some new spring/summer 2011 story board trends, But you know what? As a Trend forecaster, i still want to do my fall reviews. I don't mind being exhausted, as long as its for fashion! So basically I'm really putting my writing skills into gear. My tone might be a little more "professional". So please stay tuned. :)

Victoria Beckhom

Now for my second designer spot light entry.

I decided to do Victoria Beckhom as the Designer of the week for me, because I cracked open the Harpar's Bazaar runway report, and there it was, her line at fashion week 2010. I must say, i found it very chic and fancy. I looked at the clothes and wondered to myself "Did Vicki B put her closet on the Runway?" Everything in this collection looked like something SHE would wear, and don't get me wrong, i mean there's nothing wrong with that, but i like a line with versatility. Everyones Taste is different, so when i saw the knee length skirts and the platforms, i was like Hmmm this is reminiscent of her photo shoot she did for EllE magazine circa 2009 (any season). At any rate, the line is more dressy and cocktail party-ish but consistent and functional. Oh, and in case you don't know, she is a former spice girl, and yes i loved them in high school, my favorite was Baby Spice. Yeah I'm not ashamed to admit it. She married a famous Soccer Player David Beckhom, and she has 3 kids for him. I believe she lives in America now she is from England. She started designing when she came to America, i think, don't quote me. She did have a jeans line that flopped, but see, that's because when you don't go to school for fashion or have experience, you can fall short on some key elements of design. Its not enough to draw the clothes, you have to keep in mind the wearability and functionality of the clothes. So that didn't work, but her green dress at fashion week did get picked up by some prominent retailers so cu dos, and keep up the good work!

The Urban Decay "Naked" Pallette


Back to make up, now I've waited on this palette for a while. it was sold out at the store, and i had to go on the waiting list but i finally got the email telling me it was available. Its the Urban Decay neutral palette of eye shadows called "Naked" palette. There are tons of looks that you can do with this palette. It definitely works for me because I'm not into "clownish" looking makeup and colors, so yeah I'm excited about it. Its coming in the mail, but yes indeed, it is hard to find and when it hits shelves it will be gone quick. Its like urban decay makes these palettes and doesn't expect it too sell so fast. This palette is definitely worth the money so try it.

Oct 18, 2010

Make Sure You Get It!

It came to me as i was remembering an unfortunate incident that happened to me at Ross. The Ross Department store down the street from me is HIDING all the 9.5 and 10 size cute shoes. I've been their on numerous occasions and have found only one shoe of the pair i want. Then after endlessly searching the store, along with help from the sales people. Still nothing is found. How can that Happen? I think someone is hiding it who works their, and is doing that so that when they're ready to buy it, they know where the other shoe is. Sad I know, but I had to get that off my chest. This issue is not for you guys, its for customer service. The shoe i wanted was a nude or pale color patent leather pumps or leather, even suede. Guess makes em, so do other companies and to me, it's the little black dress of the shoe world. It goes with anything, and will never go out of style. I will buy my pair, I suggest you keep a pair in your closet for any emergency outfit shoe need. :P

Oct 15, 2010

Spring trend forcast!

Well, it looks as though the November issues of the fashion magz are out with its resort wear and spring 2011. i like what i see, although i feel some are repeats. I mean of course the resort wear is always gonna have that sailor element with the nautical stripes etc. But there are some good trends that i think is worth taking notice. I will be sure to up date you on that soon. If i have anymore fall trends i will post it, i think i only have one more and i don't see it being too hot. Well, spring is coming up on this blog keep in mind winter hasn't officially started. And i don't know if "Tendress" is a brand or what, but i know i love this pic and i think if depicts spring as i would...Peace.

Chloe' Oops!

Its looks as though the creative director or stylist didn't make sure that Ch1oe' products where the only products advertised in their ad. Basically, the model is wearing a YSL belt, and through further investigation, the coat is not Chloe' brand either. I don't know what the big deal is, I mean i can see what the uproar is about but i feel that maybe it could have passed if only a savvy fashionista did not spot the error and blow it up. Its obviously a perfume ad but still, make sure your thorough. Lets face it in the retail world, its all about numbers and competition, trust me Ive worked in it for years. You have to dot your i's and cross your t's because Women's Wear Daily will get ya! Well I'm done, i don't know if they'll pull the ad or not, i don't think they should, to me it shows confidants in their brand if they don't care about showcasing another brand in their ads. it say "yeah, I got this. and?"

Oct 14, 2010

Gap missed the mark?

I was gonna blog about this initially when it first happened. Yes i wanted to talk about what the Gap was doing to their logo, but i gave it time, because i just knew that they would come to their senses. Basically if you didn't know, Gap decided to try to change their logo, and of course the public didn't respond to it too well. I personally did not like it, i felt it reminded me of a computer company logo, and it look like they where trying too hard to be simple and chic but no, it looked simple and cheap. So of course people said other things, (the video above can show you exactly what) and so they clicked on the trash can in the corner of the PowerPoint presentation screen, so to speak. They canned it! yay. But i don't know, are people afraid of changed, or is this just another attempt from the Gap to drum up good marketing attention and sales. Because lets face it, Gap sales have not been the best in recent months, I remember when they came out with that expensive "Khaki" campaign and it was a huge fail! I mean they didn't dress it up, it was just a white shirt and khakis. Boring! But I'm sure they learned their lesson, what i think they need is to do a new designer campaign to invoke "positive curiosity" to the brand. I understand the clothes are supposed to have mass appeal, but sometimes they can look redundant. But their a long deep rooted brand, so i believe in there potential.

Oct 13, 2010

Rugged Boots!

Hot Hot Hot!!!!!!!!!
These are so cool trendy and "dressable". This is an exert from Lucky Magazine (love them) It shows a good variety and color scope. Rest a sure theres a design for everyone. These boots can be polished and shined, or ruff and worn. Lucky Mag suggest pairing them with skinny jeans, great suggestion. Me personally, I would pair it with a feminine piece such as a ruffle skirt or nice waist level pants, not too long, but short enough to show some cute socks in my Oxford shoes. I always try to go daring. But of course the celebrities in the picture choose a more dressed down look. Keep in mind that this shoe can be dressed up, with a touch of creativity. I know I'm definitely getting a pair.

Oct 12, 2010

6th Fall Trend Trad!

Proper like! (British tee hee!) 6th Fall Trend


I couldn't resist this trend, because It reminds me of London. I guess its called Trad, its basically a 3 piece suit top with any bottom you want. like it would be the vest, blazer, and button down shirt on top, with jeans or a ruffle dress, hey even shorts. When going for the Trad look, keep in mind fabrics like tweed, wool, and cotton in neutral tones, or any heavy weight fabric. Accessories should be stud earrings with Bow Ties, Gloves, Hats, and Gloves. O.k yes i did add an umbrella, it just seemed fitting. shoes of course are Oxfords or Rugged Boots. I didn't put it, but cute pattern socks in neutral colors would be great with capries. Try fun laces too, why not accessories the shoe too. Recent season, there have been a noticeable acceptance to some masculine elements in womens wear. So watch out guys! A little light on dialog, sorry but this trend doesn't need much description, just have fun with it. and oh, don't be a afraid of patterns and romantic blouses in cotton, satin, and silk. Enjoy!

Designer of the Week New Theme

Hello again, I decided to created a new section simply called "Designers Now". Basically I talk about a specific fashion designer in more detail. I feel it not only keeps me on my toes, but also keeps my bloggers informed. So designer of this week is:

Stella McCartney!
And why not, before I google her, I just want you to know that I already knew a good much about her in advance. I know she is daughter of the famous (and cutest Beetle) Paul McCartney, and she did go to a very well known design school. When your a fashion design major usually at the end of the last year you have to take part in the Senior Fashion show. Well, from what i understand she got Naomi Camble to model for her! Hey, take advantage of your good fortunes in life. Stella to me has a great eye for wearable and sleek fashions. I loved her Lingerie line, very delicate and sweetly colored. She understands the female form, and all her silhouettes would be fitting for any body type. Now i will be honest and say that i wasn't too impressed with her line this year for Fall. I just felt it was missing a key interesting element that made it just......Stella? Alright alright it was boring, o.k? I'm sorry i couldn't hold it in! But don't get me wrong, she is still a good designer, but with age she is getting better. Oh, you should take a look at her summer line for 2009/2010, just beautiful, the fashion show and everything was simply stunning. But basically this info is off the top of my head. I hope you are appreciating a different perspective. OK done.

Rag & Bone Fall 2010

Lets talk ready to wear fall clothes. Since were trending, I'm researching, and finding that some lines stay consistent to one trend, then some brands explore a combination of one or two or more. Rag and bone combines plaid, Nordic, and trad style. Their fall runway show looks like an army of "cozy" textured super model soldiers ready to invade your closet! I want them to, because i just love "wearable" clothing. I've never been a couture type of person, leave that to the movies, i want realism. That's an art too, looking "normal". I'm rambling, so let me get to my point, This line to me is very realistic in terms of inspiration, and versatility. Eventually i will find other words to use, but for know its fitting, my sixth trend coming soon. But enjoy Rag & Bone Fall 2010. and my grammatical errors!

Oct 11, 2010

5th Trend Knits with Ribbon Intertwined!

This is a fun trend. I've never really seen chunky knit sweaters with ribbons intertwined before, and I must say, I love it! Granted its pastels, but if you ask me, the whole you cant wear this color that color to me is nonsense. You can pull off pastels in fall/winter, its the way you wear it. Also there are different shades and tones of every color, I think it fits. The pastel and neutral colors fell so refreshing against the heavy fall tones. I feel people should be more daring with this trend, keep it comfy, meaning don't layer too much, the thick textures will clash with unnecessary layering. You'll look HOT and not in a good way but "uncomfy". Also accessories i suggest is pearls, big and small along with patent leather shoes and bags. I didn't place a bag in this pick, but I'm sure you can visualize what color and design would best suit this story board. Oh and lets not forget lace, but keep it delicate, don't make it overpowering colors, nude lace would be good. And of course Knit Uggs or snow looking boots is just darling. cozy cozy cozy. Oh and dont forget those knit headbands, its all the rage really :)

Makeup Finally!

The other day i just realized that i have a Make Up section, well I'll be darned! Im not a big makeup person, but i do have a good amount of makeup, and for now im satisfied, but this collections is what Im trying to get almost all of. Its the Venomous Villains collection by MAC. My favorite collection is Cruella Devils, the colors go with my skin, and i love the eyeshadow. The only thing i don't understand is why they didn't create a green, because Cruella wears a green eyeshadow. Hey, just look out for more make up post, I mean fashion and makeup goes together like sugar and spice, so i cant half step that!

The September Issue

Now, I always love to find anything fashion. So when I saw this in my netflix Que, I had to try it, come on know. Anna Winters the head head woman of Vogue? I couldn't resist it. It was fashion from head to toe. I am currently in the process of starting my own magazine, and I assure you, it will be something worth giving attention to. This movie is a documentary about the day and life of Vogue magazine. You get to see the fabulous life of Anna Winter, but even better you get to see how vogue makes its September issue. Usually the September issue is so jam packed, because its one of the major fashion transitions, and its just basically the fall wear. It has everything including jewelry, beauty in reference to make up. For other people who are heavy into fashion, you will definitely recognize some faces, Andre, Vera Wang, just to name a few. And to me its a great opportunity to see how fashion week is. Me I understand every aspect of fashion from how clothes are made how to make clothes how to sell it, marketing positioning, color everything. I would not say school is necessary, but i will say an education makes things a lot easier. Any way give this docu a chance. Its a must for Fashion industry students, and for fashion lovers alike.

Oct 8, 2010

Louis Vuitton Forever!

Yes, Its always been a dream of mine to own an actual bag by Louis. I would never wear a knock off of any bag, I mean no offense to people who do, but it just doesn't fell right. To me it feels like carrying a thin brown paper bag in the pouring rain. I know, but all dramatics aside, i respect any designers art and would not accept "knock offs" of any kind but i digress, because this post is actually about a new Jewelry collection by Louis. I thought it was great considering they are a brand that speaks volumes when it comes to classic, rich, and timeless. Now this jewelry line should reflect just that. It should uphold the talents and vision displayed by the brand over the many years. I trust they will, I wonder if its limited addition, hope so!