Oct 14, 2010

Gap missed the mark?

I was gonna blog about this initially when it first happened. Yes i wanted to talk about what the Gap was doing to their logo, but i gave it time, because i just knew that they would come to their senses. Basically if you didn't know, Gap decided to try to change their logo, and of course the public didn't respond to it too well. I personally did not like it, i felt it reminded me of a computer company logo, and it look like they where trying too hard to be simple and chic but no, it looked simple and cheap. So of course people said other things, (the video above can show you exactly what) and so they clicked on the trash can in the corner of the PowerPoint presentation screen, so to speak. They canned it! yay. But i don't know, are people afraid of changed, or is this just another attempt from the Gap to drum up good marketing attention and sales. Because lets face it, Gap sales have not been the best in recent months, I remember when they came out with that expensive "Khaki" campaign and it was a huge fail! I mean they didn't dress it up, it was just a white shirt and khakis. Boring! But I'm sure they learned their lesson, what i think they need is to do a new designer campaign to invoke "positive curiosity" to the brand. I understand the clothes are supposed to have mass appeal, but sometimes they can look redundant. But their a long deep rooted brand, so i believe in there potential.

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  1. I agree, the logo looked very childish. And Gap clothes aren't what they used to be. In fact, you can almost get the same thing for a fraction of the price from Old Navy.I'm not even sure who's the best retailer for cheaper clothes--but not cheap quality...