Oct 23, 2010

Fall Review 3.1 PHILLIP LIM

At first glance i would say this fall collection is mature in its colors and silhouettes, but playful in textures and patterns . This collection plays on a number of different moods from sequins and satin blazers, to cozy knits in solid colors. He did have a denim look refreshingly placed amongst the groups of trio colored wool. The giraffe patterned suit is respectable, considering its usual appearance is in summer. Variety is apparent in this collection, imagination soars on the number of combinations within this collection, as well as the potential of the pieces alone. With the collections classic cuts, any body type would be flattering. Fresh and nostalgic mixed with fun and fresh...that's a mouth full, and an eye full too. I mean just check out Emma Stone on the cover of Nylon Magazine the October 2010 issues ;)

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