Oct 26, 2011

Chanel spring 2012 review

Next up is Chanel.

Its a classic fashion house. and its not my favorite, but I could not resist reporting on the oh so creamy colors of the line. I just love it, Although i almost mistaken it for a winter line, i looked twice an realized that there is no way it could have been with such sweet candy pinks and blueish cream colred dresses. Thats right i said it "bluish Cream'! Im a sucker for pinks and peaches, especially ruffles! The jacket keeps with the tradition of the legendary Chanel style with a mondern twist. cool... and Im done.

Suno Spring Collection 2012 Review

I decided to do a reveiew of my favorite spring collections from my favorite designers. Yes I will be reviewing. Suno
I love Suno for its fabric style or patterns, and bold color against what looks like dark tones. Among patterns of gray, cream, and white there where pops of yellow seasoned amongst more traditional colors of spring. The fabric used was soft and billowy, and of course the usage of lace was nice. I think Lace should be a staple for spring. Never the less, Suno stayed true to its style combining African or ethnic prints with soft or bright colors for the season. Nice! The mood created by the collection is nice, it felt progressive. Meaning the collection was something that I felt was versatile and could prove stylish in any setting or wardrobe. Taken by peices or as presented on the runway.

Pictures from style.com :)

Oct 21, 2011

I love Mori Girl Style!

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You guys,
This is the first post in a long time for my personal blog, I'm glad to be back. Anyway my latest style I'm loving is Mori Girl Japanese style. Basically it mean girl who lives in a Forrest, Lots of layers of soft fabrics and neutral colors. This fashion trend began in Japan around 2007 so yeah, I'm late. Actually it was inspired by this actress, her name escapes me, but this fashion trend is growing in numbers and still standing strong in japan up to 35,000 i think. If you love this style like i do, then go ahead and read up on in wiki has a 'how to' on Mori style, and Google Mori Girl and you will find a list of make up tips, style, and lifestyle. Yeps I likes :)like they love vintage decor and books trends of Mori girl.