Sep 26, 2010

4TH FALL TREND Trench and Dress!


Well I thought I would have my summer picture "ish" slide show ready but it don't, so i decided to finish up my fall trends blogging before spring lol. I do have other fashion projects I'm doing and so theres a lot more other categories that are gonna be added. But without further delay here is the fourth fall trend....

Trench & Dress!

Just as the name suggest, pair a long flowing dress with a knee length Trench coat. The dress should be a flower print. The key is texture and color, so the trench should be a wool, cashmere, or any natural fiber fabric in a heavy weight with neutral or fall colors. The Ralph Lauren and Christian Dior fall fashion show has some good examples of dresses to consider. Dresses should be a very light weight fabric, such as silk, chiffon, lace, or satin. Velvet is also a good suggestion for a long dress, it fits the weather and the texture is easy to wear. Accessories shown above are good suggestions, but keep in mind that they should not be too distracting, because the dress is busy enough. I always say that with patterns, if you ware one key piece in a heavy pattern, make sure the accessories are light in color and shape. One thing to remember is that your look should have a focus to it. Its a great way to keep stylish and warm. Oh and leggings, don't forget those

Sep 8, 2010

Burberry Prorsum (Pre-Fall 2010)

And here is an example of how to wear the Khaki trend, kinda bland but once again, texture counts,the colors a bit muted...o.k a lot muted, but still stylish as ever!

Fall Trend 3

Hello you!

No, Anyway I have the Third Trend


Yes Kiddies, Khaki anything, skirt, blouse, jackets socks everything. Wear, not only the colors (brown khaki, green khaki, black etc), but the fabric too. This will appear in my trends section, but hear goes... Military Jackets with badges are hot right now! In my collage you can see where the models (thanks ViVi :P ) have combined them with other trends I've mentioned. When it comes to accessories, go with your instincts, meaning virtually any accessories would look great. If you really want to be daring, wear sparkly earrings and a wool scarf, and the scarf can be neutral core colors, or go dramatic and wear "berry" color accessories and shoes to brighten it up. What i mean is plums, berries, any color, but warm. Khakis are a fashion staple, I can't recall a time where they're not being worn in fall/winter, so at least if you invest in a really nice piece, you will be sure to get good use of it. And make it nice and cozy, double socks, ribbon knits, and all that jazz!!!

Sep 6, 2010

More examples of NORDIC Fashion


Well here we go!

The next fall fashion trend is.......


Yes, Nordic and its sooo cute. I didn't know what it was until i actually read up on it, its the pattern on all your cheesy Christmas sweaters. Well its not cheesy any more, in fact it is very trendy and surprisingly versatile! There are mature prints and kiddie, the cuts are what makes it different from a kindergarten sweater. D&G's fashion show is a great example of all aspects, as far as styling and color story. Rich wood forestry colors are the best with this look, think snow sasquash meets Christmas snow bunny. The accessories should be minimal, I can't imagine wearing anything more then stud earrings and red nail polish, I mean dangle earrings would be snagged all up and down this look, unless you wear a cool military jacket over it, or wear a skirt or leggings with Nordic on it. This look is a cinch to style, although if you plan on wearing a D&G Nordic print cat suit........ it might be sketchy.

Sep 5, 2010

D&G Fall 2010 Fashion Show (Pre-fall/winter)

Where should i begin? This is up their with my favorite fashion show and line this year! Y'all O.k this line is very well thought out, and I just couldn't wait till tomorrow like i originally wanted, to show it to you. Its in direct correlation with my next trend. I'm not gonna talk about it too much, so i don't spill the beans. This line to me is classic, as far as pattern and styling. The cuts and designs are very vintage, and the patterns, the flowers are winter flowers, and blend with the entire styling so well. I just love the feel i get watching this show, and the color story absolutely beautiful! The play on textures, i just think is genius, mix of soft delicate fabrics and triple cozy knit is adorable and who would think to put that print style on silk! And when i saw the Cat suit i was like, hell yeah they went there! just fabulous, simplistic yes, but innovative definitely.



Hello everyone,
And Yes, I know I spelled trends wrong up there, but thats because i'm so pumped and ready to go with Fashion and everything, I decided to dedicate this Blog more to fashion. I will have all my personal ish in my "happenings" section, but mostly, its gonna be business, FASHION business....... So lets get started!

I will be introducing some Key trends for fall all month, especially since I will be busy focusing on Fashion week (pre-fall). So, i thought i'd let you guys know what was up with Fall, and what you will be seeing a lot of, then, i was gonna do some trending of my own, and tell you what I am researching and Trending thats gonna be hot. And I hope my viewers understand that i don't mean to post every once in a blue moon, i got supper busy, Fashion stuff, and things are gonna be more frequent, i'm way more organized now. But blah blah blah on to the next. FIRST TREND IS! (drum roll please)...


First let me say that animal prints are always popular, all year round, but for some reason all the focus is on Leopard animal prints. I can see why though, they are truly versatile, and to me, can instantly pick up any outfit from casual to fancy. Its pretty popular with the older markets (30-40's) but now as you can see in the picture, the younger markets are taking full advantage of these trends! Oddly enough, from what I've seen it isn't the most popular on the runways this year, i saw Betsey Johnson use it with neons, very cool, but its original state is better. I've seen the younger markets team it up with military jackets, and blazers, as well as trenches. This look has a tendency to be too "busy looking", so when you apply this trend to your everyday look, keep in mind that Less is More. Try wearing one garment like a shirt, sweater, jacket, or skirt, and combine it with neutral colors such as white, brown, black, khaki, and even more daring red. Remember a touch of leopard is all you need, and try to stay away from pants, because for some reason it can look on the ridiculous side if you don't wear a flattering cut, or know what combination items to wear it with. so have fun with this trend, and dont worry, i have lots more examples on the way!