Nov 28, 2010

Resort RTW 2011 Mui Mui

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Mui Mui to me is my new Betsey J for resort. These fun patterns bring a different mood to resort wear, not too serious, versatile in spirit, and consistent in fun! I would love to wear these items separately with solids, to me it has more of an impact. The heart patterns remind me of being young (under 10) in the 80's, when my mom would sew ruffle denim dresses in pinks, and neons. Then the accessories that i would layer on, bangles of different colors, and big chunky plastic and sparkly rings. Ahhh memories. Not to mention the styling in this collection is hot, and the makeup gives it that extra umph. This collection is versatile in it's market as far as appealing to women of any age, it does just that. But I'm eager to see what Mui Mui has in store for spring/summer 2011

Resort 2011 RTW Dior

Ah yes, Christian Dior

Stylish, reliable, and always romantic. I loved his fall collection, i featured it, but i have to admit, i definitely go for flirty cuts and sweet colors. Dior had a beautiful color palette this resort season, with blacks, pinks, and pastel greens. Ultra cute designs and fabric treatments make this soo wearable! And of course the trend "half moon" is apparent in this collection which contributes to its "cutesy" feel. There is not much to be said about this collection, but just take a minute, and gaze at if for a second. What looks familiar?.....Jessica Alba is wearing that pink top on the cover of EllE this month! LoL made ya look!

Resort for 2011!

Yes just like that! I'm gonna start, i don't see the sense of doing a introductory blogg, so from now on just start! So the first I'm gonna review...wait first let me say i decided to just do my top 5 that stood out to me, because there are TONS of designers. First lets do
Stella McCartney

I'm just so satisfied with this collection because its everything feminine and then some! I am sincerely feeling the vintage floral patterns, as well as the flower embroidery and embellishments. And look at the cut of the jackets, so chick and sexy. The overall feel to me is spring but this is definitely resort. I can envision myself on the boat for vacation looking oh so sexy and sophisticated. As I said before, Stella understands femininity and sensuality in fashion, which she applies to her collections every year. Honestly her background as far as her dad has nothing to do with her talent, that's all her. She "brings it" every year. I love her collections! The color story and theame HOT!!1

Nov 25, 2010

Rise and Shine Happy Thanksgiving!

So of course i wanted to wish all my American Bloggers Happy Thanksgiving! To all my international bloggers, Have a Happy Thursday! I was up super late last night updating my blogg but i did see a the New York City parade and I loved it! Now you can all officially start Christmas decorating! Although some retailers have already started! More on that later, until then have fun and dont eat too much!

Nov 20, 2010

Just Twittering Away

So, I have started up twittering today, and Twitted some cute shoes from the ones I've been reviewing. I do have to apologize form my posting outfits on chictopia, my camera is garbage, so i have to upgrade that real quick. any hoo, my goal is to be a chictopia Icon, but in order for me to do that, i have to define my style more, can I do it? We shall see!

WWD Turns a Century old!

Well, first off, I'm subscribing to WWD paper and online so that i can provide my viewers with the best fashion news available. I love Woman's Wear Daily, the editorials are amazingly written, so very detailed, and makes you feel like your in the front row at Fashion week. They also have a special shoes and accessories issue. Well they are turning 100. I was walking through my super market and happened upon this gigantic issue available on news stand all the way up to March 2011. Its packed with adds from well known designers such as Tommy Hill, Chloe' Moschino, and Ralph Lauren, just to name a few. The also have adds from way back in the day, like Diane
Von Furstenburg, and Janice Dickenson. They also have a cool time line of WWD to reflect on. I bought this because I feel its a collectors edition for every fashion obsessed guru to own. Its huge, but packed with fashion! Loves It!

And did you notice that I hit 100 blogs and WWD a huge fashion publication turned 100? That is so cool!

Nov 13, 2010

O.K time to review the spring collections!

Well I know its the holidays, but fashion waits for no one, and every stylist buyer and fashionista needs to know whats going on, in advance. So we got the spring and resort wear to talk about, and that's great because i love spring and summer, the color palettes should be interesting for 2011 so This blog is to get you ready set go for Spring.....Yeah, I need a nap.

Fashion Designer: Iman

I had to talk about her, because she is a designer of jewelry I think its called International jewelry. I know It sells on the HSN. I think that she is one classy woman. She is still married to David Bowe and she is still beautiful at 50 or 60...I know i will probably have to update this post because i went tailgating and was really tired. so i apologize in advance for not being thorough but ill make it up to you. I have to take a nap now, bye bye. But she is an awesome designer and former super model with a make up line for women of color. Love ya iman!

Nov 10, 2010

Happy 100th To ME!!!!!!!

Oh to my wonderful bloggers guess what?! This is my 100th blog, and although I don't have too many subscribers, hey, I bet a lot of people view my blog, and I do appreciate it! I will continue to deliver excellent fashion blogging, and please feel free to write comments give feed back! Yay 100 blogs going strong!

Nov 9, 2010

Fall Review Anna Sui RTW

So the tenth runway on my list is Anna Sui. The patterns grabbed me, I admired the fearless styling. I posted advice months ago about how to style patterns without looking rediculous. I even listed the rules, and I must say that Anna Sui followed all of them. I love the leggings, and the color choices are creative and bold. Its a very strong collection, utilzing fur and scenic mountain tops to contrast with the "loud" yet beautiful patterns, is very clever. This collection definitely showcases movement. One sweater looks like it's pointing left in on the runway, in the picture above, the models dress is pointing up (looks like arrows). I watched the runway show and couldn't help feeling hypnotized....I wonder if that's the reason why i like this collections so much. Maybe the colors, patterns, textures, and movement is just an illusion?....Nah, I love it, its energy, its fearlessness, just grabs at me. Hope you like.

Fall Review ADAM RTW

I was drinking a glass of dessert wine when I happen upon ADAM. This RTW collection was low key but detailed. The color palette was mostly neutrals, and the details gave a mundane look chicness and flare. Honestly the styling of the pieces is what got my attention in the first place. The fit is very becoming on the models. It is so ordinary, these pieces, but the way Adam put his own spin on it, and the attention to detail is really dainty. I never noticed him before, but i will continue to keep an eye on him, I cant wait to see what he has in store for spring 2011. These pieces are definitely wearable, and worth the investment.

Nov 8, 2010


I went to Ross over the weekend, i went to look for a new coat. I didn't find anything i liked and that's been happening more often then not. I cant shop In their anymore, it just seems that everything is picked over. Then Ive noticed a pattern, certain colors, like turquoise and gray are abundant in their clothes. I got a dress from their that was cute, but then i realize the hem was all twisted on the arm and i couldn't get past it. Just a whole bunch of garbage! what in the world? I might by chance find something, for example, i found a Betsy Johnson ring from her "Tea Party" collection, but it was missing a stone....wait i didn't buy it because of that so i bought the ring off of e-bay, see? Fail. but you can get Betsey Johnson jewelery for a fraction of the price, but that's if your willing to wait, which i think you should. But this blog isn't about Betsey Johnson Its about the abundance of garbage clothes that seem to be filling this store. I told you about the shoe incident and im just done. You might catch me buying random "brica brack" but other then that, forget about IT.

Nov 4, 2010

Third Spot Light Designer: Isabel Marant

This designer caught my eye in Nylon magazine this year. I believe it was the November issue. While looking through, i saw a beautiful pair of sequin Capri in silver/gray. The top looked like a stripe cashmere sweater, and I thought to myself, I want that look! Upon investigating, i found more of her RTW fall collection at and was absolutely loving it. She is a french designer who started out with a jewelry collection in 1989, then eventually branched out into fashion with the vision of clothes that suited clientele interested in "Tomboy Chic". Well she succeeded, and is known now as one of the most innovative designer on the Paris strip. Her collection for Fall RTW 2010 is very relaxed but modern in colors and styling. This collection is definitely wearable in the overall "look", meaning it is realistically put together and takes comfortable to a more "sexier" level. I love designers who maintain their target markets integrity consistently. Yay for Isabel :P

Nov 3, 2010

FILA is Back?

I knew i was seeing the Billboard ads, but i was in denial. FILA has been out of style for years. So out of style it would be almost embarrassing to wear. Its like a Coogi Sweater. FILA is like the one hit wonder of fashion. Its like the Fat Albert edition of Fubu. oh boy, I applaud them for trying to revive a classic, but lets be real no one wants to wear FILA because in the shoe world, once something is out, its out. Tennis shoes have a funny life span and a short one. The tennis shoe industry reminds me of the car industry in the sense of, when something new comes out you either want to trade it in for the new ones, or just try to upgrade the ones you have already, ever hear of shoe art? a great way to revamp you tennis shoes, except even that might be out. I remember when they use to do that to Timberlands? Just good luck FILA marketing crew, because i dont feel good about this one, some classics need to stay in the books. The Celebs used in this campaign is not the type to bring a classic back in style. You need Kanye or Neptunes, even Black eyed Peas, because they usually bring styles from the past and make em cool. so yeah get to work Marketing crew, think outside the box.

Fall Trend: Caramel Coats

Ooo, the thought of the different cuts and trims of this trend gives me goosebumps! So versatile, and classic, the Caramel coat can fit any occasions. I am currently in the mood for one. I think they just scream fall, and makes getting dressed easier. I love the texture of this coat, the color makes for a easy tone to style, and lets face it, this season, Caramel is the new black. It looks great again almost any skin tone. There are Wrap coats that need a belt to close, then of course the button down. I don't think there are zip ups, i believe in keeping the modern 70's ish style alive with just a hint of flare. Please feel free to try these on for size, Im sure you'll find one that suites you well. :)

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Nov 2, 2010

Fall Review Moschino

Time to review this fall collection with an obviously "Texas Cowboy" Charm. I love the whole southwestern vibe. It so original this season with the tons of 50's, 60's, 70's, then floral and black. this collection is so smooth and cool, with its beautiful pops of color here and there. I saw gold trimming on knits with colorful fur in different textures. Oh and lets not miss the Accessories, very hot. they look sci-fie to me metal and leather, very darling. Models strut the runway with belts in the brand name and black stockings which to me just created uniformity, maintain consistency of the line and don't for get the black shades. And the neutral colored jacket with the black leather fringe is so it! The hats are an overlooked accessory cowboy hats are really hot for winter fall. The line is sexy and cool very Caliente'.

Fall Review Giorgio Armani

I have 4 more to go and so I couldn't miss this one. This Fall RTW collection is very thorough in my opinion. The colors are bold, and with the velvet create an extremely dignified look, just without the head rush of funky styles. I mean for once these colors used, but in a very wearable upscale collection. the colors still have that breath of fall and the textures are just exceptional. Some patterns in this look remind me of being young, walking through the fabric store, and gazing thinking to myself, who on earth would want that? Little did i know that any pattern can be pulled off with a little style and creativity. I can say this collection makes me think 'outside" the box in terms of color and styling. I love how some colors just intertwine and meld together, but not on purpose. The colorist at Armani really has an eye for fashion. I trust that the buyers for Lord and Taylor, Bloomingdale's, and any other high class retailer will be salivating for this collection, it so rich with strong bold themes, and very wearable.