Oct 22, 2010

Victoria Beckhom

Now for my second designer spot light entry.

I decided to do Victoria Beckhom as the Designer of the week for me, because I cracked open the Harpar's Bazaar runway report, and there it was, her line at fashion week 2010. I must say, i found it very chic and fancy. I looked at the clothes and wondered to myself "Did Vicki B put her closet on the Runway?" Everything in this collection looked like something SHE would wear, and don't get me wrong, i mean there's nothing wrong with that, but i like a line with versatility. Everyones Taste is different, so when i saw the knee length skirts and the platforms, i was like Hmmm this is reminiscent of her photo shoot she did for EllE magazine circa 2009 (any season). At any rate, the line is more dressy and cocktail party-ish but consistent and functional. Oh, and in case you don't know, she is a former spice girl, and yes i loved them in high school, my favorite was Baby Spice. Yeah I'm not ashamed to admit it. She married a famous Soccer Player David Beckhom, and she has 3 kids for him. I believe she lives in America now she is from England. She started designing when she came to America, i think, don't quote me. She did have a jeans line that flopped, but see, that's because when you don't go to school for fashion or have experience, you can fall short on some key elements of design. Its not enough to draw the clothes, you have to keep in mind the wearability and functionality of the clothes. So that didn't work, but her green dress at fashion week did get picked up by some prominent retailers so cu dos, and keep up the good work!

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