Dec 31, 2010

Happy New Year!!!!!

what more can I say, other then Happy New Year!!! Its another Year to make a diffrence, stick to resolutions, and be the best we can be. I feel good about this year, got a lot of projects going on in fashion, and now you guys will definatley be the first on the scoop. I heart you, and please party party party, cause I did, hic cup** happy new yuear!!!!

Dec 29, 2010

Spring 2011 RTW: Diane Von Furstenburg

I couldn't wait. I had to review this collection due to the fact that it was love at first site. Wow, I've seen tons of fashion lines utilize the African theme, and all of them send different messages. They all are big, bold, and over the top! Finally a collection comes along that gives a beautiful calm to the busy patterns. Introducing


Allow me to gush for a minute, because this collection is so energetic, with a touch of lime sherbet, adorable. Gorgeous pant suits and cuts, give this collection a beautiful feminine touch. So movable and definitely wearable, and If i win the mega millions, this collection would be the centerpiece of my closet for spring 2011 lol. Diane believes women should feel comfortable and confidant effortlessly in her clothing. These pieces are so "smooth" walking down the runway. It just feels right to me to call this collection focused and well thought out. The accessories match the fabrics, I love "Matchy" accessories, meaning when the purse matches the shirt, it just makes me giddy :) This collection is also functional, I'm sure you can put together a number of styles with this collection easily. I could go on and on, but i gotta go to bed, (so i can dream of owning it) lol. I will someday soon, but for now. goodnight!

Spring 2011 RTW: Prada

Prada is in full gear this spring, poppin up with strips, brights, and prints. Models took to the runway in jungle themed prints in bold strong neons, and platforms of the same. The accessories (striped furs, black leather bags, and sunglasses) gave the outfits the chic upscale kick needed to maintain the whole up scale mood of the collection. Jungle prints combined with stripes make this collection daring and fun, there's something for everyone. Say for instance the colors are too brazen, well tone it down, cause Prada has neutrals! The shapes and silhouettes are classic A line skirts, for the modern sophisticated woman, with pants suits. Color is the name of the game, and i think Prada's got it down for spring 2011

Dec 28, 2010

Spring 2011 RTW: Thakoon

So I decided to be a fashion critic for a second, and stop being reporter, so i can talk about spring rtw fashion collections of 2011.

Lets check out: Thakoon

This collection to me is very light and airy, considering the fabrics used. Flower print silks with mesh jackets and body suites. Lets not forget the "heavenly colors" in sky blue, off white, as well as neutrals. He does have a sequin piece tucked in the collection somewhere. Its no wonder he just keeps getting better, with such a young talented mind, the fashion world is his oyster! Of course he was in "The September Issue" documentary showcasing his fashions created for "The Gap". He has Anna Wintor to thank for his instant boost to fame. Since Anna gave her "stamp of approval" to his creative fruition's, the fashion world has embraced him, and even put him in the same categories as up and comers like, Mandy Coon, Grame Amour, and Suno. But really, his collections are super wearable, and as individual pieces, they really make a statement.

Dec 27, 2010

Carry on the Legacy....Ya Better!

Hey guys,
I'm bloggin bright and early, coming with the hottest fashion news. So lets get started shall we? As you know Alexander McQueen passed away in 2009, I thought it was due to heart attack, but sadly he committed suicide. The person chosen to carry on his legacy and hard work is... Sarah Burton. She worked with him for years, and feels she can capture the essence of his work. She to me is fully capable of doing so, but she clearly stated she would put a little of her softness into to collections. First let me say this, when i see McQueen, I want McQueen! I don't want anyone "sweetin up" his style! Now evidently this Sarah woman has got quite an extensive fashion background, so i trust she understand how customers behave. I think his style is epic, it combined fantasy, art, and passion. Memorable where his fashion shows, scary yet beautiful in all its glory. Sarah Burton, can you back that up?! She quoted this in WWD "There will always be this McQueen spirit and essence. But of course, I'm a woman, so maybe more from a woman's point of view." So yeah, I'm just a little bit concerned, because i understand that no one can be him, but are people ready for a twist? All i know is i reviewed their fall 2010 rtw collection and to me is wasn't as "edgy" as I anticipated. But I'll give her another chance. :) because this is a big responsibility. reminds me of Donatella's story.

I kinda met McQeen once. I was studying fashion in the U.K. and went to his night club one night with a couple of friends. A friend of mine said "hey i cut in line for the bathroom in front of McQueen, and he was so nice!" I'm like yeah right....Then later on i was dancing up on this pedestalish looking platform, and there was a couch infront, and here i am dancing and who is staring me down? MCQEEN lol. I thought it was just some cute guy, but there he was. Yes i know he is gay, but clearly he liked my dancing. He was with some woman, and another guy. He had jeans on nice shoes, and looked just fabulous. Evidently he partied at his club all the time. I wanted to talk to him but i didn't want to come off as a groupie so i stood my distance....Yes, that's my MCQueen Experience. This was back in 2003-2004.

We Miss and Love You Lee Alexander McQueen xoxo r.i.p

Dec 26, 2010

ICE and Fashion?

O.k people,
I know that counterfeiting is a big issue in the fashion industry. This business has generated 600 billion dollars world wide, and has become a serious problem over years. Now ICE Director John Morton, has cracked down hard on these counterfeiters, but their in lies a bigger threat....The Internet. Due to the world wide web, hackers and counterfeit companies can set up websites that "look" legitimate. Ive seen counterfeit Louis Vitton, and I must say that it's an embarrassment. Fashion is someones art and hard work, so for some jerk to think that they can just make a knock off and sell it for a fraction of the price, just soo disrespectful. And I don't blame them, cause it wouldn't be a 600 billion dollar industry if people didn't support it! Look, I'm not judging someone who buys knock offs, but then again i am because your selling yourself short! These designers aren't asking for lots of money just to make things out of reach, it unique, quality, and labor intensive at times to produce certain products. Like Louis Vitton, that bag can be passed down from generation to generation. If you cant afford the real one right now, if you really want it, save up. Put a little away each paycheck. But any hoo, I'm rambling. Basically, this blog entry is for consumers to keep abreast to whats going on in the counterfeit world, always research where your buying merchandise from online, and keep in mind that if people keep supporting counterfeit products, the real companies will cease to exist.

Rock and Republic ralley back!

The word is Rock and Republic got their arses pulled out of the fire. looks like VP corp bought R&R out of bankruptcy for the sum of $57 million, they are now owned by a brand that's also incorporated with the likes of Lee, Wrangler, Russler and Wrangler. They feel like a different approach to the selling of the product might do it better......Surprise to me! Because i didn't even know R&R was considered high end, evidently it was and now they feel selling it at Macy's, J.C. Penny, or Khols. R&R was sold for 57 million, and that was chump change but as of 2009 R&R was only bringing in 1 million dollar revenue, which is not great for a high end brand. The point is that now its gonna be a new year, and their tryin somthin different.....They be aright.

Dec 25, 2010

Merry Christmas My wonderful Bloggers!


Dec 22, 2010


I know my U.S bloggers have seen the commercials for Justin Timberlakes clothing line "William Rast" Biker Bohemian. Now after seeing House of Dereon, it makes me wonder.....does fame mean you know fashion? Granted, these celebs pay for real designers to make creations, and if they like it, they slap there names on it....ITS FASHION! Come on people? Fashion to some is their passion and they take it seriously. I went to school for it, cause i wanted to go deeper into every aspect of it. Then you have people who have been in fashion all there lives. These celebs fall short in actually understanding fashion. As far as fit, marketing, trend analysis, etc. Sure they pay people to think for them, but its a hit to THEIR Ego if the line goes south. Victoria Beckhams line this year did good, including her new bag collection, which apparently is flying off the shelves. But her Denim line...not so good. Now, its a bad distant memory, but had she really took the time to understand her target market and research there lifestyle, fit, and age group, she would know that the customers she was targeting are not going to be wearing neon pink, yellow or green denims, not over the age of 20, if so a small number. So Justin, i do hope you know what your doing, because from what i heard its not doing too good in New York. I saw a camel color jacket that was kinda cute...and his line is sold in Target Stores in the u.s. so, yeah maybe its got a bigger chance of getting a chance?.......Biker Bohemian? hmmmmm

Dec 13, 2010

Whats up!!! Its all about Red Bottoms Baby!

Who wouldn't want a pair of Christian Louboutins? Kylie loves em, she wears them all the time. I will be able to afford them soon, but for now I must say that I'll keep content with just admiring them, and seeing which ones im gonna be snatchin up as soon as i can, but please watch and learn! its pretty informative.

Ri Ri Hair

Yes my friends,
Rihanna hair has been through some transformations, I must say. Yeah, she is a daring one when it comes to color, she had gold, black, RED, orange, brown. Its all about trying to find your signature look. Honestly the worst one was the Curly, Larry, and Moe buzz cut she got! But to me she looks best with LONG hair. She has a very Exotic look and the long hair does her more justice to me. I would like to get a chance to style her though, I have some great styling ideas for her. The get up she had on in her "Whats my name" video was not the business to me. But the song is hot, and i just might buy the album! I already bought "Rated R"....Loves it!

Its all about Perfume?!

Natalie Portman.....
I remember when she was the cute little girl on "The Professional", and now look! "Black Swan" is out in theaters (i think), and now i heard she is up for an Oscar. AND she is now the new face of Doir's fragrance called "Miss Cherie". I saw her in "Closer" and thought she was excellent, I dont know what the hell the committee is thinking sometimes. Like, Johny Depp is such a good actor, and it's like they refuse to give him his props, I'm outraged! I'm so glad that i finally get to vent, and I know this went from perfume to movies, but my goodness, he should have won an Oscar by now, I mean when he was is "Sweeny Todd" he was great!......o.k back to fragrance. At least Natalie Portman is being a spokes model for Dior and not trying to create her own line. I'm tired of everyone famous thinking "oh, i act,or i sing, TIME TO MAKE A FRAGRANCE" come on! And no offense but they all smell funky! all except J LO "Glow", but honestly, im not trying to diss anyone, because hey they're fabulous and got it like that, but chill with the franchises. I love your music, but i don't want to smell like you, I'm not a fanatic. Then again, i guess if there is money to be made, they're gonna do it!?

Dec 11, 2010

Eliza Doolittle!

Almost everything i like its fashion related. That's why this video stood out. I was watching Kelis 4th of July video, and happened upon this cute music video. I love it and the song,(might buy the album) the fashion feel in this video is vintage and modernist... I love the fashion, and how they blend certain themes you wouldn't thing go together. Well enjoy tell me what you think! lol I love the light switch!

Dec 10, 2010

BACK WITH MAC!!! According to WWD

So, where should I begin?

Well lets start from the left with Madame GAGA, of course we all know she was "ViVa La Glam" spokes person, well the campaign went very well. The For Our Lips campaign was MAC AIDS Fund’s most successful to date, so now they signed her on for another year, and I do hope that her image can continue to raise money and support for this cause to some day find a cure and give hope to many. Then we got Nicki Minaj in the spot light, with a shade created by her (and Mac) called "Pink Friday", in tribute to her album that just released November. Honestly this shade looks like something MAC has already introduced, nothing special, but for all you Minaj fans out their, I'm sure this is a collectors item. So that's the news in makeup so far. I have a lot of makeup, so currently I'm burnt the hell out! I don't think I will be posting and new hauls for makeup in the immediate future, but i will keep you up to date on makeup news, etc. Don't worry, ill keep this category hot!

Dec 9, 2010

Resort RTW 2010 Doo.Ri

Doo.Ri Me,
This collection is so fabulous. The draping is very casual and elegant, makes for a great yacth outfit, exspecially the jumper in the middle. To drape top is very flattering for any one. The colors are smooth and easily wearable. just very comfortable Doo.Ri understands her target soo well. enjoy not much to say about that

Dec 7, 2010

Fashion Magazine Diet Month?

O.k, I know you fashion peeps out their has noticed these tiny fashion magazines on the stands right for December 2010? what is really going on? its either their out of ideas or they are suiting up for the February issue, since that's fashion week London. (I think...I'll get back to you on that if im wrong). But yeah, dont they know i need my fix!! LOL any who just thought it was odd. But speaking of Odd, yeah i didnt post the resort trends for 2010/2011...Sorwey :( but dont worry, I have lots more to chat about. and of course a Christmas blogg about fashion too. its real cute so stay tune

Dec 4, 2010

Resort RTW 2010 Anna Sui

I feel Anna played it safe this season for resort. To me there is no flair to this seasons resort for her. But I love the Cherry Dress and the simplicity of the styling. I'm just so used to what i like, but for once i wanted to post something that i normally wouldn't. I must say this collection is growing on me though. Well enjoy.

Dec 2, 2010

Resort RTW 2011: 3.1 Phillip Lam

I also love 3.1 Phillip Lam resort collection because of the energy, like sun beams emanating from the clothes. The colors are brassy and sexy. I look at these pieces individually and feel inspired. The first look from the left has an 80's feel to it. I was discussing on IFB recently about, whether or not 80's fashion is considered vintage. I think so, because that's a while ago. It has such a strong tone in these fashion collections now a days. They pay tribute to the past, including the 70's. Fashion recycles, of course, somethings are timeless, but honestly i wouldn't have it any other way, because everyone brings something different to the table. 3.1 Phillip never veers from what makes it great.

Dec 1, 2010

Sorry couldnt help myself!

Love Kylie and more Louboutin shoes Hott!

Side note: Kylie!

Hey, o.k,
I know this is throwing off the topic. i still have five more designers to review for resort RTW 2011, but I just had to post the newest Kylie Video. I love the fashion featured in it, the Louboutins Kylie is wearing is AMAZING! And lets not forget the PAC-MAN head peices by Giles Deacon featured on the runway of Milan! Loves it! Although I wouldnt have picked this song for the third single, I still love Kylie!