Mar 31, 2010

Accessorize those Accessories!

Just thought these where really cute ideas. It doesn't matter if its a designer purse or not, just make sure you add detachable elements and make it your own. A lot of times, depending on the fabric, you can just put your hair clips on your bags and shoes. My only precaution is, don't make it too heavy, and be sure it won't hook on to your clothes and damage it (i.e studs for example can snag delicate fabric) well have fun.

Mar 30, 2010

Dry clean and Wash please

Yes People,
Just another friendly tip for you guys, don't judge a book by its color!. Yes color, sometimes when you wash/dry clean a garment, its more vibrant. Some pieces are really special, so it requires a delicate approach to washing. I trust Woolite and Dreft soap to soak, the hang dry. Always be careful with drying in a machine, just because theres a greater risk of damaging the garment. Shrinking is a risk with dry cleaning, and so is stretching. just keep in mind the little twirks you might have to apply to the piece in order to make it just right for you.

Mar 22, 2010

Paul and Joe Make up

Hi guys,
I just discovered this makeup line from Its by Paul & Joe Beaute, @ this lines have such beautiful packaging and nice springy colors. The Vintage packaging is a plus for me. Not to say the only products and makeup I buy has that look, just i thought it was fitting for my blogg, and I'm also gonna try it out. Honestly im having a time trying to order products i don't know if its available in the u.s yet, but when i get it i will give my review. So give me a second, until then if you get it before me, please tell me about it. :P

Fourth Trend For Spring: Masculine Elements and Style

Hello again Guys! This trend is just the....Freshest. I cant find any other word to describe it. This trend I call "Masculine Feminine". Basically, it's masculine attire, silhouettes and cuts, but for woman. I've always loved the cut of mens vintage blazers, their style is so straight forward. Sometimes, I'll grab one of my husbands work shirts, button it all the way down, and slap a leather belt around my waste. Then I add sparkly accessories with some nice oxford looking heels. For my readers i suggest to do NO more then two really masculine pieces, then "Fem" out the rest. An example look would be a mens blazer, over a stripey tank paired with bermudas in the same color as the blazer with oxfords! Keep in mind your silhouette, meaning make sure there is a balance to your look. When shopping for pieces, go for a vintage pattern and cut. The accessories i suggested is masculine but feminine, with a little bit of flirt. Notice that shoulder pads are in for jackets and blazers, and i heard through the grape vine that 80's is now considered vintage, so don't be afraid to add those elements. Bags shouldn't be to flashy, so just a nice solid color would do. Don't be afraid to throw a preppy vest on with a vintage Mickey Mouse tee, and with some pants. Jewelry can be long chains with wrist watches. Because of cell phones, wrist watches have become just like a bracelets. Also, feel free to add converse to your look, but make sure its in a nice neutral color. Pocket watches are in too, and the thrift stores usually have beautiful ones. Be sure to add the fedoras, and dangles earrings. AWWWW so CUTE!

Mar 19, 2010


Hello Vintage Divas,
I've been busy compiling fashions from various media sources, to provide you with examples of the latest trends, but vintage girly. Now, I'm gonna give you real street vintage, and get your creative juices flowing. This section will have snap shots of everyday people who represent "Girly Vintage" to the fullest.

I would like to intoduce to you :

I was at a restaurant eating with my family, and the fashion gods blessed me with the honor of meeting DIANA. Her outfit is a perfect example of Spring Trends for 2010.

1. The Jacket: This authentic vintage treasure has a beautiful cut, with cute pink flowers on blue/gray fabric. Pieces like these can usually be found in thrift stores or second hand shops. I love those stores, they have unique pieces that are so versatile. Anyway, this was just too cute.

2. The Lace White Vintage Dress: I absolutely love lace in any form of clothing, and the dress had two types. I talked about fabric texture in my previous posts. The way Diana put the outfit together was a good example of putting together pieces that compliment each other. The colors went well together. Lace is angel fabric, just so elegant and delicate but easy to match up.

3.The Brown Boots and leggings: The boots and leggings pulled the entire outfit together, it gave an edge to the soft floral printed jacket, and the delicateness of the lace dress. The boots had a cool faded look to it, which gave the look a relaxed feel. She probably put this outfit together effortlessly, which is a gift, because styling can be tricky.

4.The Bag: (I will upload later but here is my analysis) This bag went perfect. it is gray with interesting detail. I failed to mention earlier, but the boots and bag were purchased over seas. She had no accessories on, but it's not necessary with this outfit, because the pieces where so "eye catching". With pieces like these, you either go with delicate accessories, or none at all.

The best thing to me about Diana's outfit is the contrast of color, and versatility. This outfit can easily be converted into a summer look, by trading the jacket with a vest, and swapping the boots/leggings with strappy leather sandals in a tan or neutral tone, with a clutch. Summer accessories would be light delicate gold or silver.
Diana's style concept is:

" A form of nonverbal communication. I am very conscious of picking out clothes that match my personality and energy. This way when I encounter people on a daily bases if they closely examine my dress they could tell a lot about me. Besides this social aspect of fashion, I love the game of dressing up. I love finding new pieces of clothes that make me feel good wearing it and that attract me by its textures and colors."- Diana

Mar 18, 2010

Third Trend for Spring: Very short shorts.

Short shorts everyone! This trend will definitely turn heads. Wear short shorts with vintage pieces, and dress it up or down. Take into consideration your comfort level, shorts can be Bermuda length and be just as sexy. (Note: Bermuda is mid-thigh length, just above the knee :)). Make sure when you wear them, pair them with strappy heels, Keds, Converse, cute flats, or cute rain boots. Accessories are not necessary, but if you want to "vintage it up" some nice costume faux jewelry in one color would be nice. For ultra vintage factor, get some vintage bracelets and load on one arm with some rings. Fannie packs are cute with short shorts, as well as purses with tiny straps. The accessories should match the look, meaning casual is to casual as fancy is to fancy. Head bands and a sloppy ponytail or bun so ethereal. Or try braids and twists with a lot of hair pins in the same color. When i see short shorts i get the felling of french market on a hot day, so keep the freshness in mind with this look.

First of many to come, lets talk make up! Now i decided to post this collection from MAC because of the thrifty design, and also the actual pigment shades. I feel that these colors definitely represent the colors for spring. Give Me Liberty of London, and yes there are very versatile colors, very ready for a natural look. peachy pigments, and soft pinks and even a a little gray, makes for a beautiful palette for spring. Make up trends for this season is very natural, and light, with a pearl essence and different shimmers. Try a lightly shimmery eye, with a natural flesh tone lip gloss. Keep in mind the balance, if you have heavy eye make up, pair it with light lips, and visa verse. Don't forget blush, powder preferably. Id rather you visit your local MAC store and swatch the colors for yourself. Have fun!

Second Trend For Spring: Heavy Prints

The Bold and the Beautiful, that's what these are. The second hot trend for spring 2010 is heavy prints, such as floral. Floral definitely screams vintage, but its all in the way you style it that determines your look. You could either look really cool, or like grand ma ma. Be careful what articals of clothing you choose in bright floral patterns, because too much can look too "busy". Make sure you piece florals with a solid color or denim. Grey color variations look awesome with heavy prints, even white, but once again, it all depends on the "pieces" you choose. Lets break it down like this: If its a heavy print floral
1. Cami/Tank : Pair with a solid color Blazer, Cardigan, or Denim jacket or vest. Suggested colors would be dark/deep colors so it won't be to overbearing, or lighter to bring out a light pattern. and bottoms should follow the same rule.
2. Blazer/Jacket : Pair with solid color dress with small belt around the waist. Or boy cut button down top with short shorts, and a belt. Or a light denim color jeans skirt shorts, dress, or pants.The key is to make sure your not being to busy, or that if its a light color, that its blending not distraction.
3. Pants or Shorts: Same as all the other rules, but make sure shoes are on the edgy side, the shoes must compliment the pants or it could look off, that goes for shorts as well.
4. Skirt or Dress: Pair with solid color anything. wear shoes that aren't too distracting, very feminine and strap, in sandals or heels.

Make sure you pay attention to texture. The most versatile fabrics are silk and cotton, everything else might propose a challenge. Accessories shouldn't be too distracting, keep it feminine, simple, and one color. Now, I stated earlier that you could pair certain prints together, but be careful with that. You can easily pair up lighter color floral prints to floral prints that look similar or have the same colors. Keep floral outfits at a two item at once minimum. For example, if you have a Cami and a Blazer with light floral prints you MUST be sure the bottom, shoes, and accessories are not patterned and is a neutral color. Bold bright prints i would not recommend you match up, it can be too busy depending on the kind of print. but always trust your judgment. There, go for it!

Mar 15, 2010

Just some more Jumper Tid-Bits!

I picked more jumpers and i love the versatility. Some look more dressy then others but these items are more for the Denim section of the trends that are in. There are exactly 10 trends hot for spring/summer 2010 and I'm giving examples and reports all all of them.......And how to transform it into a unique vintage style for you. Note: I love the loose styles of jumpers with the light weight denim, add a soft cardigan with a tan leather belt and boom vintage advantage! Remember folks, its all about texture and color get those to harmonize and you will never go wrong. i will give an examples of this in the put it together collection.

Slacks a.k.a jumpers ARE BACK!

Hello fellow vintage divas. I have for you, a specific item that's in now, and thats the jumpers, rompers, or slacks! I have a selection of cute cuts that i put out, along with some vintage accessories that i think would work. When you see jumpers, especially denim, you have to think classic vintage farm feel, mixed with a little Sunday church brunch. pick shoes that are neutral but not dressy. And go for anything floral to tie it off with a feminine feel. Don't be afraid to ad some sheer or lace socks to the mix. oh some keds are cute too! These selections came from one of the best online stores there is

Mar 14, 2010

First Trend For Spring Neutrals

This is the first hot trend i want to post for spring. Neutrals are in and for vintage that means lace, silk, swiss dotted fabric, eyelett and everything feminine. Colors are very neutral pastels, sorbet colors, light vintage patterns, and feminine silhouettes. There is no way to really go wrong with this trend, almost anything goes. It is light and soft, but cool. I would suggest pairing a neutral colored dress with a fuzzy or furry vest, or preppy buttoned vest. Accessories should be subtle and light with pastel accents. Clutches would be a great accessory to carry with a very feminine flowing dress. If dress is just at or above the knee, wedges, strappy heels or peak a boo pumps would be the ideal shoe. Try sheer socks with those shoes, if your edgy. Don't be afraid to add teeny tiny metallic silver, bronze and/or gold belt. Also hats are always cool, so try a fedora with a bow or neutral colored flower accent. Try to find jewelry with a pearl essence to it, and/or flower look. I recently went to Charlotte Russe and found a bracelet, earring, and necklace combo that was a pink rose and gold bow. Rose looking jewelry is a plus. Like i said, its not hard to accessorize this trend, or create it, just maintain a constant color story, silhouette and fabric texture.

First View

Just check these vintage looks for spring, i got it from a Japanese Mag called VIVI. It really hits the nail on the head. My signature style is vintage girly. I feel vintage is so versatile and can be easily incorporated in modern fashion. This is a collage basically to give you the vintage feel. But i will be posting individual trends and how to styles for Vintage girly in the future.