Jan 30, 2011

Ralph Lauren Spring Collection 2011

I'm posting this collection because i feel it has lots of sexy cuts and very romantic silhouettes. The styling is very western, that's evident, but it still still have a very spring feel to is. I do love the movements of the garments, and accessories. Granted this collection does look similar to past ones, but I always love RL signature and feel of their clothing.

Jan 29, 2011

Dolce and Gabana spring 2011

Now before i review this BEAUTIFUL collection, let me say that today, Yahoo had the ever loving nerve to say that Kate Bosworth was a "fashion victim" or had a fail attempt to pull off this years lace trend. O.K maybe she shouldn't have worn the bomber jacket with it, but that dress they think is a fail is apart of the Dolce and Gabana collection, and it is NOT a fail, actually! Its a lovely blend of delicate lace intricately place amongst floral pattern in silk. Or the dress in the middle with the animal prints, just gives such a delicate flare to such a hard print. Yahoo, when the hell did you become a fashion expert NO ONE is a fashion expert, and do you know why? Because Fashion is SUBJECTIVE! What you might find odd, another might find beautiful, its art when you come down to it. Its that individuals interpretation of that silhouette or cut! So back off Yahoo!

O.k, had to get that off my chest, now this collection is screaming spring. Off white is the trending color for s/s 2011 runway collections. I just wish D&G used more pastel colors, they just used the green vintage floral patterns, and that's o.k, but picture it with pastel like pink, orange even purple! but hey, that's my opinion. Overall, its a lovely collection, and i didn't add the Long ankle length dress that every magazine seems to want to slap on every cover model or celeb that graces their pages. The dress i speak of looks like the second one in this pic, just floor length and full. well that's that, and be sure to check out FASHIFY.com fro my latest posts.

Jan 20, 2011

My Hello Kitty Addiction is Growing Wild!!!!

Hell yes, and im very happy, I love Hello Kitty, and im over the age of ten! lol but when it comes to somethings, Im forever 10, This pic isn;t my collection, I got it from hellokittyaddicts.com so for all you HK addicts, please enjoy so far i only have a few plushies and tons of pens and pencils, but trust its getting bigger, Its my hobby!

Jan 10, 2011

Poison Ivy Drew..

I was watching the movie Poison Ivy, and I must say I was impressed with the fashion. It was very I rock, with an 80's Edge. Well a story board came to mind. Just a lot of edgy black vintage items, cause i don't think her character was rich, and of course red lipstick. I just love 80's kinda punk.

My wedding Inspirations!

So of course a long time ago i told you i got married at the courthouse because it was to much pressure at the time to do a wedding. Well, I'm glad i did, if i had my wedding at that time, i wouldn't have gotten what i wanted. I also do still want the whole brides made thing and other stuff. So this is my story board. I was watching "Ya Ya Sisterhood" and got inspired. So i did a story board on it! This is what i envisioned for my wedding so, yeah, just always when it comes to fashion, make a quick story board of your vision. You might find other things you couldn't see before.

Reminder: Come Look at My Articals!

So I wrote two more articles for fashify.com this is the latest so read up and absorb some knowlege :)

Jan 8, 2011

Spring RTW 2011: Holly Fulton

Yes, Holly Fulton; i found her while doing my research. Which by the way, you all should realize that there are tons of designers and fashion houses out there. I suggest to any fashion student or lover, definitely view the collections of names that you don't see in mainstream fashion media. I mean always broaden your horizon.

But any hoo, Holly is a London designer, i think, and this spring displayed a colorful motif of 60's patterns with a tribal theme. The colors where very spring forward. I just love the sundress in the middle. The designs do remind me of Aztec Myan Temples and of course I love sherbets and pastels, so yeah I really like this collection. The overall feel was tribal though. Seems like that's the key theme for spring check it out.

Fashion and Food :)

"For his new opus, “Infiniment,” pastry chef Pierre Hermé tapped Ich&Kar, a graphic design duo, and photographer Jean-Jacques Pallot" quoted WWD on the new fashion found cook book style. I love Alice in Wonderland themed stuff, so i thought this was edgy and fun. I think its about time, i mean gone are the days where you have a cheesy apron woman holding an apple pie on the cover 3 ring binder checkered picnic cloth cook books. I mean stop posing like Julia Child. (oh don't get it twisted, Julia was the shit and then some) But now its Martha Stewart on the cover of her mags and cook books looking all homely. Im mad at her ass because she CAN look sexier. She is in one of David Aucoins Makeup books done all up, and I swear guys, she looks just like damn Jessica Rabbit! Well that's all. Oh and how about Pre-Fall 2011 is already posted on Woman's Wear Daily? Yeah, damn i didn't even finish my favorite Spring lines. Aw Fudge, time to get to work!

Jan 5, 2011

OMG WTF Little Wayne!?!

Lets get to the point, what the hell? now don't get me wrong, i like em, but my style can be quirky like me! But seeing a dude wear Teddy bears on his feet? I believe Pharell from the Neptunes could probably pull this off. I don't know, if you can imagine the harsh hardcore, gutter mouth lyrics coming out the mic and then ya look down and bingo, Teddy Ruxbin! fashion is fashion though and i love when people venture outside the norm so keep up the good work Mr Carter!

Jan 2, 2011

Spring RTW 2011 : Alexis Mabille

This is so beautiful,
Wow, just when i was getting used to the same old color palettes designers use for Spring year after year. Here comes a designer that woke up my senses. This lovely spring 2011 collection belongs to Alexis Mabille. Tim Blanke reviewed Alexis Mabille's collection on www.style.com, and I must say it was harsh. I mean, sure some parts of the collection did seem out of place, but that was only like 4 outfits. To call the blouse towards the end of the line up a "Doilie" well, come now, hardly. This collection was ultra girly with a ballerina type of vibe, with empire wast dress, striped fabric with lace trim and beautiful ruffles and bows. Just lovely, but considering that this is MY type of style, maybe I'm a bit biast. Or maybe Tim Blanke was being biast, maybe he doesn't like the girly fru fru look. I do, but what do you think? let ya voice be heard.

Fashify Bloggin, Cherry Monster FAshion style!

You Guys,
Ive have the wonderful opportunity to write a blog submission for www.fashify.com Please check out my post. Its the feature post called Fashion in Music: Crystal Castles. Wow, Im so greatful for an opportunity to share my opinions with the world. But yeah check it out! Its goooood :) and please dont forget to leave a comment so here's the link


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