Oct 12, 2010

Designer of the Week New Theme

Hello again, I decided to created a new section simply called "Designers Now". Basically I talk about a specific fashion designer in more detail. I feel it not only keeps me on my toes, but also keeps my bloggers informed. So designer of this week is:

Stella McCartney!
And why not, before I google her, I just want you to know that I already knew a good much about her in advance. I know she is daughter of the famous (and cutest Beetle) Paul McCartney, and she did go to a very well known design school. When your a fashion design major usually at the end of the last year you have to take part in the Senior Fashion show. Well, from what i understand she got Naomi Camble to model for her! Hey, take advantage of your good fortunes in life. Stella to me has a great eye for wearable and sleek fashions. I loved her Lingerie line, very delicate and sweetly colored. She understands the female form, and all her silhouettes would be fitting for any body type. Now i will be honest and say that i wasn't too impressed with her line this year for Fall. I just felt it was missing a key interesting element that made it just......Stella? Alright alright it was boring, o.k? I'm sorry i couldn't hold it in! But don't get me wrong, she is still a good designer, but with age she is getting better. Oh, you should take a look at her summer line for 2009/2010, just beautiful, the fashion show and everything was simply stunning. But basically this info is off the top of my head. I hope you are appreciating a different perspective. OK done.

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