May 24, 2010

I cleaned my closet out!!! I went nuts!

O.k, so I've decided to really clean my closet and understand what my personal style is, because i just felt all over the place. I got rid of so much stuff! I'm talking about impulse buys, things that couldn't fit, things that were damaged, shoes i don't wear anymore, etc. I must say it was very therapeutic, just looking at how much money i wasted, just ridiculous. But at least i can start from scratch, save up, and do proper shopping. I needed this, I will be 30 next year, so its important for me to dress my age and just evolve. I mean you shouldn't shop at forever 21 for the rest of you life! There are some cute stuff there, but as i grow my taste grows too, and i just don't see myself wearing certain brands anymore, just because of quality and style. The stores I'm into now are Zara, Banana Republic, and Vintage stores. I just love the styles and of course i stay true to my vintage forever. I'm excited, i hope to have my personal style down very soon, indefinitely. I will keep y'all posted....o.k?

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  1. I totally understand cause I did the same thing recently. As much as I love pink, I realized a near 30 yr. old shouldn't have a closet full of it...