Oct 25, 2010

Fall Review Marni RTW

Been digging, and found another collection that made me swoon. The fall collection for Marni is vintage and lovely. Well, lets start off with the design as a whole. Very 80's, but the patterns resemble the 70's. One of the dresses remind me of a dress i saw rose from the show "Golden Girls" wear! the accessories had a lot of eyelet through out, and once again 70's vibe. The colors were brilliant and melded together harmoniously, Strong patterns made even the most plain silhouette pop. what was also interesting was the collar designs and pant lengths, which reminded me of the late 60's. The leather gloves added gave the whole ensemble a hint of elegance. I'm a sucker for vintage, and this collection is riddled with it. I believe this was showcased at Milan fashion week, but I will hunt for her wears in the U.S very stellar collection this is.

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