Nov 26, 2011

My Belated Thanksgiving!

My Thanksgiving was small and intimate, with lots of yummy food. I enjoyed getting together with friends and family. And even better, didn't have to cook this year next year though, I'm gonna be in Martha Stuart Here are some pics from my camera phone. So yes that's it for now.

Nov 23, 2011

Celeb Style Polyvore Loves Kylie

Back Polyvoring and yes, its 4 am I cant sleep. So I decided to submit an entry for my favorite musician. Kylie I might make another one for Janet (my other fav) But any way. Enjoy and goodnight.

Nov 22, 2011

Just thought I'd post this Pic. Its my Favorite

Out and About!

If you've been keeping up with me on my twitter, You know that maybe a week or two ago I suffered from an inner ear infection which caused me to feel like a prisoner in my own body. So by the grace of god i was cured in a week, and my wonderful Hubby helped me through it! (Love You Pumpkin!) Any hoo, My brother and I decided to go to a local coffee spot to FOCUS and get some much needed work done, me the writing, and him his "take home" graduate work. Funny thing is my busted Nokia camera wasn't acting right, In fact it stop working period! So I decided to let my brother take pictures of me in my everyday (boring) outfit with his camera phone, and to my surprise, it came out better then I thought! So here are some pics. Soon I will have more outfits, so keep on checkin back! This outfit is pretty plain, but you'll see how stylish I can get real soon! Till Then Love ya!

Nov 21, 2011

Tell Heidi Klum All About Me

Hey Guys, So I love this collage made by Tabitha! It was created for a contest Polyvore was hosting. Basically I think you had to put together a collage that expresses you and if your chosen, you can meet Heidi Klum in New York. I think you win something elso too, but I forget. Any way Congrats to Tabitha! Ya done good girl! :)

Nov 20, 2011

Suno Fall 2011

Suno is a brand I've grown to love over the years. Its between Marni and Suno, they both are kind of similar. Both have African print inspired fabrics, both like to layer, both usually are the same in styling....Wait, I wonder if Suno and Marni are twins separated at birth somehow? Nah, it's just that both of them enjoy the use of patterns and color in non traditional creative ways, coincidence right? Any hoo, this is the collection for Suno Fall 2011, and I must say the colors are very fall. I personally love their usual bright tribal colored pallets with the brilliant yellows, rich purples, and electric reds. The styling is creative as always. I have to say the silhouettes aren't really flattering. Its kind of "frumpy" to me. I look at the pieces individually and I say there is plenty of versatility within their collection for fall. I still cant wait to see what they have in store for Spring and Summer. Wait, already has their spring line up so Imma check that out. Until then Enjoy!

Oh, and thank ya much for the lovely pictures, that are for educational and viewing purposes only :)

Versace for H&M!

Im just jumpin right into this. This collection is hot! no doubt about it, its a beautiful collection and collaboration. At first I was a little "ify" on whether or not the quality would be decent, but according to the bloggers that got to go to the initial fashion show and the Launch in New York, they said the collections quality is on point. Blonde Salad and Chicmuse where invited to the launch as guest bloggers, and even got to have a personal shopping experience, meaning they got to shop first without having to end up in the hospital or in fist fights like Ive been hearing normal shoppers getting into. Yes indeed news has it that H&M in China sold out within minutes and chicks where fist fighting, I mean brawlin! Wow! At the one in my neighborhood, people lined up for hours outside, and when the doors opened, BOOM! Sold out within minutes. Me personally, before I go through all that, I will just post my self online at midnight when the line launches on the website, but no fighting. Honestly I don't even think I've seen people act like this over REAL Versace..LOL take care people! Its a hot collection, no doubt, but Im sure Donatella does not want people being hospitalized over her vision.

Nov 18, 2011

Review for Christian Dior RTW Fall 2011

Yes indeed, Dior!
Well they said they could do it without him....oh wait the scandal! Well yes, whats his name with the racist comments :( the former head designer ( he who shall not be named... mainly because I forgot his name) is absent! This collection was heavy on the layering. I have to say that it wasn't really something I haven't seen before in this collection. The boots, the renaissance Rocco period inspired silhouette...*Yawn*. Been there done that. Even the colors don't really pop, its something I know I could probably pull from past collections Dior has done. Then as the collection went on, its like they began to dabble into a little bit of spring, with shorts, lightweight pastel fabrics in pale neutral shades of pinks, blues, and cream. Then whoops back to fall with sweaters and furs wth? Yeah, and I'm still trying to finish viewing the entire fall 2011 collection because there was like 63 pieces in all! Yes my overall rating for this collection on a 1 to 10 scale would be 7 :( I expected more, it just seemed reminiscent of past silhouettes and styles showcased by them before. Oh well, Im sure fall 2012 will do much much better :)......oh yeah John Galiano! See, I knew it would come to me. Too bad you had to get drunk in public and say those nasty hurtful racist things. Racism is not cool! O.k that's it for now, Im gonna be review another one of my favorite designers soon ta-ta!

Oh, and thanks to for the pics :)

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Nov 16, 2011

Flip Flopping Again!!

photo courtesy of

I swear, I flip flop more than pancakes!! Honestly, while I'm in an on going pursuit to achieve the most out of life, blogging is something that i want to do and just live. I want to document my travels and live life and just talk about my personal style along the way. Look, I'm feed up with trying to figure out what I think people might want to talk about. I decided to post what I feel passionate about and the rest will follow. I had a bad case of inner ear infection, and had to wake up with the room spinning! Being bed ridden gave me plenty of time to think. I'm gonna do what I wanna do and talk about what I wanna talk about. So that's my niche...Me :) This site may be going through a big change visual wise. I know I change, but its because I can. I want to write About interesting content that I'm passionate about. But I can t do this if I'm trying to cater or please anyone else. So from now on, I'm concentration on giving me to this site.
See ya soon.

Image from google images & plus I already said not all of this photo's belong to me so yeah check the disclaimer.