Jun 3, 2013

Andy wharhol-ish

Abstract art is so cool!  Especially when your hairstyle didn't come out the way you expected. Lol color always offers a new perspective on things especially fashion I've been thinking of coloring my hair but I don't know, things are just easier when you don't have to do touch ups every other week. But maybe the right hair do will do the trick!  As far as fashion this summer, color is gonna be my major goal. Being stylish and creative is one in the same anyway right?

Jul 9, 2012

Another stylelikeu.com Gem!

This video brought to you by stylelikeu.com is of an individual who I think has personal style and unique thought patterns... enjoy!

I'm back folks!

My personal blog hasn't been updated in a few months now and I sincerely apologize for this. My site quinncouture.com is the reason why it hasn't been up to date, but that's gonna change! I'm going to post lots of pictures and just everyday projects for you to try. I still like styleliku.com and will continue to post video's that I find interesting and inspiring. I myself am an eccentric dresser, so that site suits me to a tea! Thanks for not giving up on me, and watch for more posts! oxoxo love ya!

Mar 21, 2012

Weekly Favorite Style Like you

I've always loved how ambitious this blogger was about fashion. She writes like someone way beyond her age group. Her style is very unique, and to me this is how I wish more young people would be. Honestly Tavi's style is her own, not everyone needs to be that eclectic, but if anything, stay true to who you are. Enjoy the video.