Jun 23, 2009

Find A Good Seamstress

Yes Yes Yes! Find a good seamstress, i know that there are tons out there. There are fashion students who will do alterations, and i believe the dry cleaners too. I thought it was a good suggestion from Kimora's book. I bought a pair of pants that were on sale, but they came up around my waist instead of my hips like i wanted. So, i bought it ($10) and went to a seamstress and when i say now, they're one of my favorite pairs of pants to wear...trust me its worth it. And it was cheap to do. I know, i went to fashion school, and i should be able to do that myself. Sorry, i hate to sew, and i usually don't do stuff like that myself. I pay for a lot of things i don't have to.... that's me and i love it. Sometimes its just easier. So the next time you go shopping, if something is almost perfect, but just needs your own special twist, consider an adjustment or two, and turn it into you!

Jun 21, 2009

Hello and Welcome.

I want to celebrate vintage! I love vintage style, I incorporate it into my wardrobe and find different ways to update and adjust vintage to my liking. I know a lot of people who enjoy vintage design, whether it be hair, makeup, or fashion. I will explore all three. even other little tidbits. Vintage is fun cool, and unique!