Oct 23, 2010

Fall Review RODARTE

This is one of my faves, Rodarte has maintained the style of distressed fabrics in pastel colors. I love the mix of vintage floral patterns amongst the layers of soft silk, charmuse, and knits. I love different knits in this collection because its a no stress method of practicality. The trimming and bulkiness of the line ads to the edge of the clothing in its entirety. The colors look "springy" to me, but the overall feel and warmth screams fall. it reminds me of "Raggedy Ann" in the snow, and girly with an edge. There are patterns that remind me of tribal wear,but they contrast well with the delicate theme. The white on white is just fabulous, the details cant be seen from a far though, off white can be tricky in photos. Rodarte is always true to its style, but i hope they will add more of an element of surprise because consistency can easily turn to boredom.

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