Oct 23, 2010

Fall Review Suno fall 2010

You know Suno?
I will be honest, i didn't, but this fall collection let me know. I couldn't help but notice the array of tribal prints amongst the neutral toned palettes of black, white, camel caramel, etc. They created streamline cuts with eye popping color, enough to wake the fall up! With a not so serious take on fashion, Suno comes through with a shock to the system shaking things up with vintage geometric prints incorporated with neon's, blues and even a hint of pink. Not conformed, and that's great, because I'm glad to know that not all the collections need to go in the serious "fall criteria" direction. Just keep it real! that's what they did, and made sure that they came out stylish and funky with it. I think its modern and fresh, it makes you feel free and creative. They have peacock feathers featured on a ankle length dress, just precious. I like labels that make me feel different, different is always better!

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