Oct 11, 2010

5th Trend Knits with Ribbon Intertwined!

This is a fun trend. I've never really seen chunky knit sweaters with ribbons intertwined before, and I must say, I love it! Granted its pastels, but if you ask me, the whole you cant wear this color that color to me is nonsense. You can pull off pastels in fall/winter, its the way you wear it. Also there are different shades and tones of every color, I think it fits. The pastel and neutral colors fell so refreshing against the heavy fall tones. I feel people should be more daring with this trend, keep it comfy, meaning don't layer too much, the thick textures will clash with unnecessary layering. You'll look HOT and not in a good way but "uncomfy". Also accessories i suggest is pearls, big and small along with patent leather shoes and bags. I didn't place a bag in this pick, but I'm sure you can visualize what color and design would best suit this story board. Oh and lets not forget lace, but keep it delicate, don't make it overpowering colors, nude lace would be good. And of course Knit Uggs or snow looking boots is just darling. cozy cozy cozy. Oh and dont forget those knit headbands, its all the rage really :)

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