Apr 30, 2010

Chloe Sevigny Vintage Look

Almost all of the vintage Divas Ive seen is gushing over this look. I for one love it. It is so cute, and all the elements in this look are balanced. The masculine blazer jacket, and the feminine shorts and color, oh and yes, THE BOATER HAT!!! Yeah i get excited thinking about it. But i digress, boater hats are lovely, and i want more! This look, i will replicate....did i mention i love this look....ok I'll hush up now :) By the way, what era vintage is this look?

Apr 29, 2010

Boater Hats!

Yes, boater hats are all the rage, and i couldn't be happier, they're sooooo cute. Their versitile and come in diffrent styles. At one time, top shop was selling boater hats in diffrent colors, and low and behold, all sold out! That sucks, but oh well, exspecially when i can make my own. Yes i will be giving a tutorial on how to make your own boater hats. Its easy, and the best part is you can be real creative and make it unique! But for now, just enjoy this little collage i put together, hopfully it will inspire you. I love 'em the one im wearing in my festival pics came from Icing accesoris. Henjoy!

Apr 26, 2010


Im very pleased to add a second addition to this section. I introduce to you

I was hanging out with my fam during the festival, and spotted Sonny. I was very fortunate, because I walked all over, and saw some good candidates, but they were missing something. I couldn't put my finger on it.....the camera button. I mean no one was authentic vintage, so yeah, Sonny was sent from the "Fashion Gods". She's unique, stylish, has a great personality, pretty and exactly what vintage represents in my opinion. Her whole look was on point, and so lets get started:

The Dress: This beautiful blue dress, came from a Vintage store call Rag-o-Rama, and is polyester material with lace detail at the top and bottom trim. I love the versatility of this dress, its not too heavy, and the color isn't overly bright. Its very feminine and was perfect for the occasion.

The Accessories: I feel so bad that I didn't get a closer pic because the accessories are beautiful. I think she said her rings and necklace were silver vintage with colored stones, and her watch she said she bought at the festival. The red shades were from Rag-o-Rama.

The Shoes: These yellow strappy or "peek a boo" hells, as some would call them, also came from Rag-o-Rama. They were so cute and went well with the dress. Everything had a nice color contrast.

The overall look was stunning, and to me, she was a walking vintage master piece :)

Sonny's Style Concept is:

"Style to me is the visual expression of my current mood. I mostly enjoy the Vintage look because it just seems elegant to me. I grew up always playing in my grandmothers jewelry and clothes and I just always loved the thought of time being captured in that way. Even adding a vintage accessory to an up-to-date top or dress makes for a great outfit to me. Plus its fun to mix different styles!" -Sonny

Apr 19, 2010

Changes Changes Changes


To my blogger, i understand their has been some changes to the look of my site. Let me explain. Yeah.....it got a little to fru fru to me. I wanted something more me, so i created my own art work, and decided to put more of my personality into my blog. Ive seen a lot of other blogs, and decided that I wanted to post more pictures of my life, as well as updates and ideas of trends. I felt like i wasn't being relaxed in my postings. i wanted to be more creative in everything i do, so i revamped my blog, and updated my style. I love vintage and Ive always tried to incorporate it in my everyday outfits, but until i got on Chictopia, i didn't realize how many different vintage there was. There are some sharp dressers. Being on that site has made me more aware of my styling and helped me to focus on what i think needs work. Its so easy to dress other people, but when it comes to myself, it gets so difficult cause I second guess myself. Well, I feel better with the changes, and i hope you like it too.

Apr 10, 2010

Ruffles, Denim, Florals, White

Hey guys,

Just showing off a trend I've been seeing everywhere, I like to call it the "Home on the Range" look. Basically i see a lot of ruffles, denims, floral, and white on everyone. I love these looks, but please mix it up, never let it get one note, blend patterns and don't just go for pastels all the time. What i love about denim is it is such a rescue item. I mean, you can pair anything with denim and its a go.

Burlap/Straw Sac! Customize

I call them burlap/straw sacs because of the material used to make it. First off, let me say that I'm inspired by ViVi Magazine, I love Japan, and when i visit (hopefully this year:) I will bring back tons of goodies for my followers. Any who, I had to post this trend for spring/summer. I see bags like these at the dollar store and Marshall's all the time. They go for like $4.99 usually, and what these examples show is how to CUSTOMIZE to the fullest! Add lace, get a bedazzler, and go wild! I recently bought one, it has blue in it, and I'm going to add buttons to it. I will post when i to it. I see some plain ones at the Marshall's in my neighborhood, and I'm adding lace to it. My point is, be creative, and rock the look. As you can see, these girls are going with the whole "hippie" look, long dresses, and some just have a nice blouse with jeans. Make sure you add the bag with an ultra feminine look. Also, be on the look out for straw bags with actual FORM, like the girls in the blue jumper. Have fun!

Apr 1, 2010

Fifth Trend for Spring: Short in the Front and Long in the Back

Hello again! And a happy APRIL FOOLS DAY TO ALL! Now on to business, for this trend i found a lot of casual looks for, but i felt like dressing it up. These dresses are vintage cuts in my opinion, because it reminds me of the 80's. There is nothing to this particular look, just make sure your accessories are on the sparkly side. Clutches are ideal for this look, and sandal heels or pumps. You'll need that elevation due to the length and style of the garments. Makeup can be dramatic or very light, and go for a more dramatic eye with a nude lipstick. Oh and chokers are optional, cause depending on the pattern of the dress you might overdo it. And the top hat is optional :) but if your really trendy, i would definitely add it. I think this style trend would be a good idea for prom....hint hint.