Oct 11, 2010

The September Issue

Now, I always love to find anything fashion. So when I saw this in my netflix Que, I had to try it, come on know. Anna Winters the head head woman of Vogue? I couldn't resist it. It was fashion from head to toe. I am currently in the process of starting my own magazine, and I assure you, it will be something worth giving attention to. This movie is a documentary about the day and life of Vogue magazine. You get to see the fabulous life of Anna Winter, but even better you get to see how vogue makes its September issue. Usually the September issue is so jam packed, because its one of the major fashion transitions, and its just basically the fall wear. It has everything including jewelry, beauty in reference to make up. For other people who are heavy into fashion, you will definitely recognize some faces, Andre, Vera Wang, just to name a few. And to me its a great opportunity to see how fashion week is. Me I understand every aspect of fashion from how clothes are made how to make clothes how to sell it, marketing positioning, color everything. I would not say school is necessary, but i will say an education makes things a lot easier. Any way give this docu a chance. Its a must for Fashion industry students, and for fashion lovers alike.

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