Jan 29, 2012

So busy but Im Back!

As you all know I have another site that I cater to on a regular basis, so this is my blog dedicated to show casing my everyday life and personal style and my break from the busy journalist life. No editing or nothing this is my site to have fun and be me! I kicked the dust of my camera and started posting outfits again. Now I think I have an understanding of what my personal style is, not like before when I thought I was trying too hard. Now, I know that I have to feel comfortable wearing something in public for it to be a photo worth posting SO, here is my latest, and there will be more to come.
Note: I have so much spring stuff but you'll see that soon. Also this year Im working hard to be a Chictopia Style Icon. So definitely vote for me if you like my outfits.

Till Next time!

Jan 28, 2012

Jean Paul Gaultier offends Amy Winehouse Dad!

Yes, the late Amy Winehouse's dad, Mitch Winehouse, was up in arms because of the resent spring couture 2012 fashion show by Jean Paul Gaultier. The show was supposed to be a tribute to Amy, but her father didn't see it that way. He claimed the show was done in bad taste and entirely too soon. It's been 6 months since the Grammy award winning singer died of an overdose last year. What really upset her dad were the models dawning Amy's iconic beehive and cat eyeliner, while wearing black veils. I honestly don’t think Jean Paul meant any disrespect to Amy’s fans or loved ones. I'm an Amy Winhouse fan, and I wasn't offended by the show, but watching the models wear black veils did make me feel a little sad. I thought the fashion was stellar, and I felt Amy’s style brought his vision to life. Was Amy's dad over reacting about the show? Do you think the Jean Paul Gaultier was offensive? Did you think the show paid tribute to Amy's legacy in a respectable way? Comment Below!

Adam Spring 2012

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ADAM is one of my favorite designers, and spring is my second favorite season. This collection combines spring with feminine silhouette and pastel colors. This collection reminds me of Stella McCartney’s resort collection 2011. Not exactly though, I mean floral patterns are extremely common in spring. My only wish is that designers would reach a little further with this theme. I still love the floral patterns though. The prints remind me of vintage inspired patterns. The color palette is beautiful with its various tones of pinks, and lavenders. There’s plenty of sheer goin’ on, that’s for sure. Some blouses where so see through, the models might as well had been topless. It shows how delicate the fabric is. I bet it's a light weight silk. The colors contrasted nicely against the off white pants and coats, it just emphasized the patterns even more. All and all, this collection has my attention, its clean ADAM understand feminine style and form.

Pictures from style.com

Prada Shoe 2012

I just wanted to give this shoe it's own spotlight. I absolutely love key items like this. It stand out so beautifully AND its something everyone loves but won't admit it! As much as people shy away from things that are outside the norm, low and behold they're the first ones to grab the cool ish at the thrift store. Anyway, I'm just completely in love with the Prada shoe collection this season. My style is eccentric to say the least, I guess it comes with being a natural head... Alright Alright, that has nothing to do with it, I'm just quirky like no ones business.

Next time.