Oct 23, 2010

Fall Review L'WREN SCOTT

What I'm thinking?
Proper, Prim, and well fitted comes to mind. I love this collection because she used velvet in a classic french feel. The clothes made me smile, it's lovely and realistic. The high choker collar with the broach, the velvet in rich colors, along with awesome accessories sure to be the talk of the fashion world. These clothes are sassy and chic with a HOT color palette. Just absolutely wearable. There is a leather dress in the collection that shows leather isn't just punk rock, but bitter sweet too. I want to commend her on the hats, it adds a smart whimsy to the ensemble. Sleek and trendy all the way, and I love the pops of color like lime greenish yellow here and there. It definitely says fall, and the black and white penguin cocktail dress is adorable. Everything in this collection makes sense, and does what its meant to do, which is maintain a comfortable feel. I can see a lot of buyers jumping at this collection, because they know that being comfortable and sexy is always in style.

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