May 26, 2010

My Core Style is ROMANTIC !

Through extensive research, Ive discovered my core style is "Romantic", so i started to purchase more clothes that fit that genre. For example, ruffles Lace, antique jewelry, etc. I love vintage, and a lot of my pieces are lacy, floral, antique's cuts and designs. So now I'm trying to find what type of romantic style i am. I really love floral and lace, pleated skirts, Girly but not to girly. Here's some pics that help me. Oh, and the movie "Marie Antoinette" with Kirsten Dunst is one of my favorite movies and my favorite part is the country part she calls her "little village" i love the country. Ive been Loving the store "Zara" I honestly would buy everything in there! Its completely my style. Romantic country vintage, Hmmmmmm Oh well, at least i know my style is Romantic, so now its time to make a signature style. OK. ill keep ya posted :)

May 24, 2010

I cleaned my closet out!!! I went nuts!

O.k, so I've decided to really clean my closet and understand what my personal style is, because i just felt all over the place. I got rid of so much stuff! I'm talking about impulse buys, things that couldn't fit, things that were damaged, shoes i don't wear anymore, etc. I must say it was very therapeutic, just looking at how much money i wasted, just ridiculous. But at least i can start from scratch, save up, and do proper shopping. I needed this, I will be 30 next year, so its important for me to dress my age and just evolve. I mean you shouldn't shop at forever 21 for the rest of you life! There are some cute stuff there, but as i grow my taste grows too, and i just don't see myself wearing certain brands anymore, just because of quality and style. The stores I'm into now are Zara, Banana Republic, and Vintage stores. I just love the styles and of course i stay true to my vintage forever. I'm excited, i hope to have my personal style down very soon, indefinitely. I will keep y'all posted....o.k?

May 20, 2010

I came to an epiphany!

i came to an epiphany! I don't know my own personal style yet!I thought i did, but something wasn't their with my look, so i decided to clean my closet and start re-organize my closet and start to really did deep about my personal style. Also I'm trying to get back into blogging more often. Its been busy at work, but that's no excuse! so bear with my, there's gonna be some changes to my looks. you'll see! ;)