Nov 8, 2010


I went to Ross over the weekend, i went to look for a new coat. I didn't find anything i liked and that's been happening more often then not. I cant shop In their anymore, it just seems that everything is picked over. Then Ive noticed a pattern, certain colors, like turquoise and gray are abundant in their clothes. I got a dress from their that was cute, but then i realize the hem was all twisted on the arm and i couldn't get past it. Just a whole bunch of garbage! what in the world? I might by chance find something, for example, i found a Betsy Johnson ring from her "Tea Party" collection, but it was missing a stone....wait i didn't buy it because of that so i bought the ring off of e-bay, see? Fail. but you can get Betsey Johnson jewelery for a fraction of the price, but that's if your willing to wait, which i think you should. But this blog isn't about Betsey Johnson Its about the abundance of garbage clothes that seem to be filling this store. I told you about the shoe incident and im just done. You might catch me buying random "brica brack" but other then that, forget about IT.

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