Jan 10, 2011

My wedding Inspirations!

So of course a long time ago i told you i got married at the courthouse because it was to much pressure at the time to do a wedding. Well, I'm glad i did, if i had my wedding at that time, i wouldn't have gotten what i wanted. I also do still want the whole brides made thing and other stuff. So this is my story board. I was watching "Ya Ya Sisterhood" and got inspired. So i did a story board on it! This is what i envisioned for my wedding so, yeah, just always when it comes to fashion, make a quick story board of your vision. You might find other things you couldn't see before.


  1. Great! Love these images! Def. be a pretty wedding when you decide to put it all together!

    Xx Dans Mon Boudoir

  2. I like the vintage feel~~~go for it~