Nov 3, 2010

Fall Trend: Caramel Coats

Ooo, the thought of the different cuts and trims of this trend gives me goosebumps! So versatile, and classic, the Caramel coat can fit any occasions. I am currently in the mood for one. I think they just scream fall, and makes getting dressed easier. I love the texture of this coat, the color makes for a easy tone to style, and lets face it, this season, Caramel is the new black. It looks great again almost any skin tone. There are Wrap coats that need a belt to close, then of course the button down. I don't think there are zip ups, i believe in keeping the modern 70's ish style alive with just a hint of flare. Please feel free to try these on for size, Im sure you'll find one that suites you well. :)

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