Nov 28, 2010

Resort for 2011!

Yes just like that! I'm gonna start, i don't see the sense of doing a introductory blogg, so from now on just start! So the first I'm gonna review...wait first let me say i decided to just do my top 5 that stood out to me, because there are TONS of designers. First lets do
Stella McCartney

I'm just so satisfied with this collection because its everything feminine and then some! I am sincerely feeling the vintage floral patterns, as well as the flower embroidery and embellishments. And look at the cut of the jackets, so chick and sexy. The overall feel to me is spring but this is definitely resort. I can envision myself on the boat for vacation looking oh so sexy and sophisticated. As I said before, Stella understands femininity and sensuality in fashion, which she applies to her collections every year. Honestly her background as far as her dad has nothing to do with her talent, that's all her. She "brings it" every year. I love her collections! The color story and theame HOT!!1

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