Nov 20, 2010

WWD Turns a Century old!

Well, first off, I'm subscribing to WWD paper and online so that i can provide my viewers with the best fashion news available. I love Woman's Wear Daily, the editorials are amazingly written, so very detailed, and makes you feel like your in the front row at Fashion week. They also have a special shoes and accessories issue. Well they are turning 100. I was walking through my super market and happened upon this gigantic issue available on news stand all the way up to March 2011. Its packed with adds from well known designers such as Tommy Hill, Chloe' Moschino, and Ralph Lauren, just to name a few. The also have adds from way back in the day, like Diane
Von Furstenburg, and Janice Dickenson. They also have a cool time line of WWD to reflect on. I bought this because I feel its a collectors edition for every fashion obsessed guru to own. Its huge, but packed with fashion! Loves It!

And did you notice that I hit 100 blogs and WWD a huge fashion publication turned 100? That is so cool!

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