Nov 28, 2010

Resort RTW 2011 Mui Mui

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Mui Mui to me is my new Betsey J for resort. These fun patterns bring a different mood to resort wear, not too serious, versatile in spirit, and consistent in fun! I would love to wear these items separately with solids, to me it has more of an impact. The heart patterns remind me of being young (under 10) in the 80's, when my mom would sew ruffle denim dresses in pinks, and neons. Then the accessories that i would layer on, bangles of different colors, and big chunky plastic and sparkly rings. Ahhh memories. Not to mention the styling in this collection is hot, and the makeup gives it that extra umph. This collection is versatile in it's market as far as appealing to women of any age, it does just that. But I'm eager to see what Mui Mui has in store for spring/summer 2011


  1. Miu Miu is one of my FAVORITE labels. Miuccia Prada continues to spearhead new trends every season instead of following them.