Nov 9, 2010

Fall Review Anna Sui RTW

So the tenth runway on my list is Anna Sui. The patterns grabbed me, I admired the fearless styling. I posted advice months ago about how to style patterns without looking rediculous. I even listed the rules, and I must say that Anna Sui followed all of them. I love the leggings, and the color choices are creative and bold. Its a very strong collection, utilzing fur and scenic mountain tops to contrast with the "loud" yet beautiful patterns, is very clever. This collection definitely showcases movement. One sweater looks like it's pointing left in on the runway, in the picture above, the models dress is pointing up (looks like arrows). I watched the runway show and couldn't help feeling hypnotized....I wonder if that's the reason why i like this collections so much. Maybe the colors, patterns, textures, and movement is just an illusion?....Nah, I love it, its energy, its fearlessness, just grabs at me. Hope you like.

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