Dec 13, 2010

Ri Ri Hair

Yes my friends,
Rihanna hair has been through some transformations, I must say. Yeah, she is a daring one when it comes to color, she had gold, black, RED, orange, brown. Its all about trying to find your signature look. Honestly the worst one was the Curly, Larry, and Moe buzz cut she got! But to me she looks best with LONG hair. She has a very Exotic look and the long hair does her more justice to me. I would like to get a chance to style her though, I have some great styling ideas for her. The get up she had on in her "Whats my name" video was not the business to me. But the song is hot, and i just might buy the album! I already bought "Rated R"....Loves it!


  1. Most definitely she looks better in long hair :)

  2. i absolutley adore rihanna!!!

    she's sooo pretty!!
    Iloved her hair when she had the short black bob??

    That was really nice :)

    Im too scared to cut my hair that short and straigten it ahahha