Nov 3, 2010

FILA is Back?

I knew i was seeing the Billboard ads, but i was in denial. FILA has been out of style for years. So out of style it would be almost embarrassing to wear. Its like a Coogi Sweater. FILA is like the one hit wonder of fashion. Its like the Fat Albert edition of Fubu. oh boy, I applaud them for trying to revive a classic, but lets be real no one wants to wear FILA because in the shoe world, once something is out, its out. Tennis shoes have a funny life span and a short one. The tennis shoe industry reminds me of the car industry in the sense of, when something new comes out you either want to trade it in for the new ones, or just try to upgrade the ones you have already, ever hear of shoe art? a great way to revamp you tennis shoes, except even that might be out. I remember when they use to do that to Timberlands? Just good luck FILA marketing crew, because i dont feel good about this one, some classics need to stay in the books. The Celebs used in this campaign is not the type to bring a classic back in style. You need Kanye or Neptunes, even Black eyed Peas, because they usually bring styles from the past and make em cool. so yeah get to work Marketing crew, think outside the box.

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