Nov 2, 2010

Fall Review Giorgio Armani

I have 4 more to go and so I couldn't miss this one. This Fall RTW collection is very thorough in my opinion. The colors are bold, and with the velvet create an extremely dignified look, just without the head rush of funky styles. I mean for once these colors used, but in a very wearable upscale collection. the colors still have that breath of fall and the textures are just exceptional. Some patterns in this look remind me of being young, walking through the fabric store, and gazing thinking to myself, who on earth would want that? Little did i know that any pattern can be pulled off with a little style and creativity. I can say this collection makes me think 'outside" the box in terms of color and styling. I love how some colors just intertwine and meld together, but not on purpose. The colorist at Armani really has an eye for fashion. I trust that the buyers for Lord and Taylor, Bloomingdale's, and any other high class retailer will be salivating for this collection, it so rich with strong bold themes, and very wearable.

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