Dec 28, 2010

Spring 2011 RTW: Thakoon

So I decided to be a fashion critic for a second, and stop being reporter, so i can talk about spring rtw fashion collections of 2011.

Lets check out: Thakoon

This collection to me is very light and airy, considering the fabrics used. Flower print silks with mesh jackets and body suites. Lets not forget the "heavenly colors" in sky blue, off white, as well as neutrals. He does have a sequin piece tucked in the collection somewhere. Its no wonder he just keeps getting better, with such a young talented mind, the fashion world is his oyster! Of course he was in "The September Issue" documentary showcasing his fashions created for "The Gap". He has Anna Wintor to thank for his instant boost to fame. Since Anna gave her "stamp of approval" to his creative fruition's, the fashion world has embraced him, and even put him in the same categories as up and comers like, Mandy Coon, Grame Amour, and Suno. But really, his collections are super wearable, and as individual pieces, they really make a statement.

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