Dec 22, 2010


I know my U.S bloggers have seen the commercials for Justin Timberlakes clothing line "William Rast" Biker Bohemian. Now after seeing House of Dereon, it makes me wonder.....does fame mean you know fashion? Granted, these celebs pay for real designers to make creations, and if they like it, they slap there names on it....ITS FASHION! Come on people? Fashion to some is their passion and they take it seriously. I went to school for it, cause i wanted to go deeper into every aspect of it. Then you have people who have been in fashion all there lives. These celebs fall short in actually understanding fashion. As far as fit, marketing, trend analysis, etc. Sure they pay people to think for them, but its a hit to THEIR Ego if the line goes south. Victoria Beckhams line this year did good, including her new bag collection, which apparently is flying off the shelves. But her Denim line...not so good. Now, its a bad distant memory, but had she really took the time to understand her target market and research there lifestyle, fit, and age group, she would know that the customers she was targeting are not going to be wearing neon pink, yellow or green denims, not over the age of 20, if so a small number. So Justin, i do hope you know what your doing, because from what i heard its not doing too good in New York. I saw a camel color jacket that was kinda cute...and his line is sold in Target Stores in the u.s. so, yeah maybe its got a bigger chance of getting a chance?.......Biker Bohemian? hmmmmm

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  1. Well said! :)

    Yes, Spring does delivery to the U.S as well. This is the other site :) Enjoy.