Dec 26, 2010

Rock and Republic ralley back!

The word is Rock and Republic got their arses pulled out of the fire. looks like VP corp bought R&R out of bankruptcy for the sum of $57 million, they are now owned by a brand that's also incorporated with the likes of Lee, Wrangler, Russler and Wrangler. They feel like a different approach to the selling of the product might do it better......Surprise to me! Because i didn't even know R&R was considered high end, evidently it was and now they feel selling it at Macy's, J.C. Penny, or Khols. R&R was sold for 57 million, and that was chump change but as of 2009 R&R was only bringing in 1 million dollar revenue, which is not great for a high end brand. The point is that now its gonna be a new year, and their tryin somthin different.....They be aright.

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