Dec 26, 2010

ICE and Fashion?

O.k people,
I know that counterfeiting is a big issue in the fashion industry. This business has generated 600 billion dollars world wide, and has become a serious problem over years. Now ICE Director John Morton, has cracked down hard on these counterfeiters, but their in lies a bigger threat....The Internet. Due to the world wide web, hackers and counterfeit companies can set up websites that "look" legitimate. Ive seen counterfeit Louis Vitton, and I must say that it's an embarrassment. Fashion is someones art and hard work, so for some jerk to think that they can just make a knock off and sell it for a fraction of the price, just soo disrespectful. And I don't blame them, cause it wouldn't be a 600 billion dollar industry if people didn't support it! Look, I'm not judging someone who buys knock offs, but then again i am because your selling yourself short! These designers aren't asking for lots of money just to make things out of reach, it unique, quality, and labor intensive at times to produce certain products. Like Louis Vitton, that bag can be passed down from generation to generation. If you cant afford the real one right now, if you really want it, save up. Put a little away each paycheck. But any hoo, I'm rambling. Basically, this blog entry is for consumers to keep abreast to whats going on in the counterfeit world, always research where your buying merchandise from online, and keep in mind that if people keep supporting counterfeit products, the real companies will cease to exist.

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