Dec 13, 2010

Its all about Perfume?!

Natalie Portman.....
I remember when she was the cute little girl on "The Professional", and now look! "Black Swan" is out in theaters (i think), and now i heard she is up for an Oscar. AND she is now the new face of Doir's fragrance called "Miss Cherie". I saw her in "Closer" and thought she was excellent, I dont know what the hell the committee is thinking sometimes. Like, Johny Depp is such a good actor, and it's like they refuse to give him his props, I'm outraged! I'm so glad that i finally get to vent, and I know this went from perfume to movies, but my goodness, he should have won an Oscar by now, I mean when he was is "Sweeny Todd" he was great!......o.k back to fragrance. At least Natalie Portman is being a spokes model for Dior and not trying to create her own line. I'm tired of everyone famous thinking "oh, i act,or i sing, TIME TO MAKE A FRAGRANCE" come on! And no offense but they all smell funky! all except J LO "Glow", but honestly, im not trying to diss anyone, because hey they're fabulous and got it like that, but chill with the franchises. I love your music, but i don't want to smell like you, I'm not a fanatic. Then again, i guess if there is money to be made, they're gonna do it!?

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