Dec 10, 2010

BACK WITH MAC!!! According to WWD

So, where should I begin?

Well lets start from the left with Madame GAGA, of course we all know she was "ViVa La Glam" spokes person, well the campaign went very well. The For Our Lips campaign was MAC AIDS Fund’s most successful to date, so now they signed her on for another year, and I do hope that her image can continue to raise money and support for this cause to some day find a cure and give hope to many. Then we got Nicki Minaj in the spot light, with a shade created by her (and Mac) called "Pink Friday", in tribute to her album that just released November. Honestly this shade looks like something MAC has already introduced, nothing special, but for all you Minaj fans out their, I'm sure this is a collectors item. So that's the news in makeup so far. I have a lot of makeup, so currently I'm burnt the hell out! I don't think I will be posting and new hauls for makeup in the immediate future, but i will keep you up to date on makeup news, etc. Don't worry, ill keep this category hot!

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