Dec 27, 2010

Carry on the Legacy....Ya Better!

Hey guys,
I'm bloggin bright and early, coming with the hottest fashion news. So lets get started shall we? As you know Alexander McQueen passed away in 2009, I thought it was due to heart attack, but sadly he committed suicide. The person chosen to carry on his legacy and hard work is... Sarah Burton. She worked with him for years, and feels she can capture the essence of his work. She to me is fully capable of doing so, but she clearly stated she would put a little of her softness into to collections. First let me say this, when i see McQueen, I want McQueen! I don't want anyone "sweetin up" his style! Now evidently this Sarah woman has got quite an extensive fashion background, so i trust she understand how customers behave. I think his style is epic, it combined fantasy, art, and passion. Memorable where his fashion shows, scary yet beautiful in all its glory. Sarah Burton, can you back that up?! She quoted this in WWD "There will always be this McQueen spirit and essence. But of course, I'm a woman, so maybe more from a woman's point of view." So yeah, I'm just a little bit concerned, because i understand that no one can be him, but are people ready for a twist? All i know is i reviewed their fall 2010 rtw collection and to me is wasn't as "edgy" as I anticipated. But I'll give her another chance. :) because this is a big responsibility. reminds me of Donatella's story.

I kinda met McQeen once. I was studying fashion in the U.K. and went to his night club one night with a couple of friends. A friend of mine said "hey i cut in line for the bathroom in front of McQueen, and he was so nice!" I'm like yeah right....Then later on i was dancing up on this pedestalish looking platform, and there was a couch infront, and here i am dancing and who is staring me down? MCQEEN lol. I thought it was just some cute guy, but there he was. Yes i know he is gay, but clearly he liked my dancing. He was with some woman, and another guy. He had jeans on nice shoes, and looked just fabulous. Evidently he partied at his club all the time. I wanted to talk to him but i didn't want to come off as a groupie so i stood my distance....Yes, that's my MCQueen Experience. This was back in 2003-2004.

We Miss and Love You Lee Alexander McQueen xoxo r.i.p

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  1. I think for now Sarah should focus on continuing McQueen's work. It is too early to put in her flavour. I don't know how the fashion industry works when you take over someone's job.....but to take over McQueen... that's really epic.

    Maybe in 5 years she can put her chee chee frou frou style into the line :)

    Merry Christmas and happy holidays to you and your family xoxo