Jul 13, 2010

Kelis album "Flesh Tone" review and sales

You guys, as much as i love Kelis music, I just cant today, i was so disappointed by her new album "Flesh Tone", to me is just......whack. O.k I went from lovin "Milkshake" Then "Bossy" to this techno stuff? It was horrible, it just sounded like she was repeating the same words over and over again. And the first track on the album (name escapes me, after the intro) makes it seem like Kelis can't sing! Why......why.....why!!!!! One of my best friends boyfriend works in music, and said her album sounds like basic techno, and he would know because he loves techno. Youtubers reviewed it and said it sounds poorly put together. And on top of that, I heard it only sold 5,000 copies its opening day! So so sad, I think Kelis needs a new manager, she needs a new direction. Why didnt she get Kanye to produce a track or two? Well, she was on a budget, i read on the web that she didn't have enough money to pay the producers, so she recorded in her own private studio, and paid them with a home cooked meal. If i find the article I'll link it. Well, I fear she may get dropped again. But keep going Kelis, because you have a big fan base, and they believe in you, but for some reason, your not grabbing them. She needs to go back to RnB.

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  1. She's obviously going through some troubling times. I only heard one single and saw a video, which was wack. Not like the old Kelis I love!