Nov 18, 2011

Review for Christian Dior RTW Fall 2011

Yes indeed, Dior!
Well they said they could do it without him....oh wait the scandal! Well yes, whats his name with the racist comments :( the former head designer ( he who shall not be named... mainly because I forgot his name) is absent! This collection was heavy on the layering. I have to say that it wasn't really something I haven't seen before in this collection. The boots, the renaissance Rocco period inspired silhouette...*Yawn*. Been there done that. Even the colors don't really pop, its something I know I could probably pull from past collections Dior has done. Then as the collection went on, its like they began to dabble into a little bit of spring, with shorts, lightweight pastel fabrics in pale neutral shades of pinks, blues, and cream. Then whoops back to fall with sweaters and furs wth? Yeah, and I'm still trying to finish viewing the entire fall 2011 collection because there was like 63 pieces in all! Yes my overall rating for this collection on a 1 to 10 scale would be 7 :( I expected more, it just seemed reminiscent of past silhouettes and styles showcased by them before. Oh well, Im sure fall 2012 will do much much better :)......oh yeah John Galiano! See, I knew it would come to me. Too bad you had to get drunk in public and say those nasty hurtful racist things. Racism is not cool! O.k that's it for now, Im gonna be review another one of my favorite designers soon ta-ta!

Oh, and thanks to for the pics :)

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