Nov 16, 2011

Flip Flopping Again!!

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I swear, I flip flop more than pancakes!! Honestly, while I'm in an on going pursuit to achieve the most out of life, blogging is something that i want to do and just live. I want to document my travels and live life and just talk about my personal style along the way. Look, I'm feed up with trying to figure out what I think people might want to talk about. I decided to post what I feel passionate about and the rest will follow. I had a bad case of inner ear infection, and had to wake up with the room spinning! Being bed ridden gave me plenty of time to think. I'm gonna do what I wanna do and talk about what I wanna talk about. So that's my niche...Me :) This site may be going through a big change visual wise. I know I change, but its because I can. I want to write About interesting content that I'm passionate about. But I can t do this if I'm trying to cater or please anyone else. So from now on, I'm concentration on giving me to this site.
See ya soon.

Image from google images & plus I already said not all of this photo's belong to me so yeah check the disclaimer.

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