Nov 20, 2011

Suno Fall 2011

Suno is a brand I've grown to love over the years. Its between Marni and Suno, they both are kind of similar. Both have African print inspired fabrics, both like to layer, both usually are the same in styling....Wait, I wonder if Suno and Marni are twins separated at birth somehow? Nah, it's just that both of them enjoy the use of patterns and color in non traditional creative ways, coincidence right? Any hoo, this is the collection for Suno Fall 2011, and I must say the colors are very fall. I personally love their usual bright tribal colored pallets with the brilliant yellows, rich purples, and electric reds. The styling is creative as always. I have to say the silhouettes aren't really flattering. Its kind of "frumpy" to me. I look at the pieces individually and I say there is plenty of versatility within their collection for fall. I still cant wait to see what they have in store for Spring and Summer. Wait, already has their spring line up so Imma check that out. Until then Enjoy!

Oh, and thank ya much for the lovely pictures, that are for educational and viewing purposes only :)

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