Sep 26, 2010

4TH FALL TREND Trench and Dress!


Well I thought I would have my summer picture "ish" slide show ready but it don't, so i decided to finish up my fall trends blogging before spring lol. I do have other fashion projects I'm doing and so theres a lot more other categories that are gonna be added. But without further delay here is the fourth fall trend....

Trench & Dress!

Just as the name suggest, pair a long flowing dress with a knee length Trench coat. The dress should be a flower print. The key is texture and color, so the trench should be a wool, cashmere, or any natural fiber fabric in a heavy weight with neutral or fall colors. The Ralph Lauren and Christian Dior fall fashion show has some good examples of dresses to consider. Dresses should be a very light weight fabric, such as silk, chiffon, lace, or satin. Velvet is also a good suggestion for a long dress, it fits the weather and the texture is easy to wear. Accessories shown above are good suggestions, but keep in mind that they should not be too distracting, because the dress is busy enough. I always say that with patterns, if you ware one key piece in a heavy pattern, make sure the accessories are light in color and shape. One thing to remember is that your look should have a focus to it. Its a great way to keep stylish and warm. Oh and leggings, don't forget those

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