Sep 8, 2010

Fall Trend 3

Hello you!

No, Anyway I have the Third Trend


Yes Kiddies, Khaki anything, skirt, blouse, jackets socks everything. Wear, not only the colors (brown khaki, green khaki, black etc), but the fabric too. This will appear in my trends section, but hear goes... Military Jackets with badges are hot right now! In my collage you can see where the models (thanks ViVi :P ) have combined them with other trends I've mentioned. When it comes to accessories, go with your instincts, meaning virtually any accessories would look great. If you really want to be daring, wear sparkly earrings and a wool scarf, and the scarf can be neutral core colors, or go dramatic and wear "berry" color accessories and shoes to brighten it up. What i mean is plums, berries, any color, but warm. Khakis are a fashion staple, I can't recall a time where they're not being worn in fall/winter, so at least if you invest in a really nice piece, you will be sure to get good use of it. And make it nice and cozy, double socks, ribbon knits, and all that jazz!!!

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