Sep 6, 2010


Well here we go!

The next fall fashion trend is.......


Yes, Nordic and its sooo cute. I didn't know what it was until i actually read up on it, its the pattern on all your cheesy Christmas sweaters. Well its not cheesy any more, in fact it is very trendy and surprisingly versatile! There are mature prints and kiddie, the cuts are what makes it different from a kindergarten sweater. D&G's fashion show is a great example of all aspects, as far as styling and color story. Rich wood forestry colors are the best with this look, think snow sasquash meets Christmas snow bunny. The accessories should be minimal, I can't imagine wearing anything more then stud earrings and red nail polish, I mean dangle earrings would be snagged all up and down this look, unless you wear a cool military jacket over it, or wear a skirt or leggings with Nordic on it. This look is a cinch to style, although if you plan on wearing a D&G Nordic print cat suit........ it might be sketchy.

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