Sep 5, 2010

D&G Fall 2010 Fashion Show (Pre-fall/winter)

Where should i begin? This is up their with my favorite fashion show and line this year! Y'all O.k this line is very well thought out, and I just couldn't wait till tomorrow like i originally wanted, to show it to you. Its in direct correlation with my next trend. I'm not gonna talk about it too much, so i don't spill the beans. This line to me is classic, as far as pattern and styling. The cuts and designs are very vintage, and the patterns, the flowers are winter flowers, and blend with the entire styling so well. I just love the feel i get watching this show, and the color story absolutely beautiful! The play on textures, i just think is genius, mix of soft delicate fabrics and triple cozy knit is adorable and who would think to put that print style on silk! And when i saw the Cat suit i was like, hell yeah they went there! just fabulous, simplistic yes, but innovative definitely.

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