Mar 18, 2010

Second Trend For Spring: Heavy Prints

The Bold and the Beautiful, that's what these are. The second hot trend for spring 2010 is heavy prints, such as floral. Floral definitely screams vintage, but its all in the way you style it that determines your look. You could either look really cool, or like grand ma ma. Be careful what articals of clothing you choose in bright floral patterns, because too much can look too "busy". Make sure you piece florals with a solid color or denim. Grey color variations look awesome with heavy prints, even white, but once again, it all depends on the "pieces" you choose. Lets break it down like this: If its a heavy print floral
1. Cami/Tank : Pair with a solid color Blazer, Cardigan, or Denim jacket or vest. Suggested colors would be dark/deep colors so it won't be to overbearing, or lighter to bring out a light pattern. and bottoms should follow the same rule.
2. Blazer/Jacket : Pair with solid color dress with small belt around the waist. Or boy cut button down top with short shorts, and a belt. Or a light denim color jeans skirt shorts, dress, or pants.The key is to make sure your not being to busy, or that if its a light color, that its blending not distraction.
3. Pants or Shorts: Same as all the other rules, but make sure shoes are on the edgy side, the shoes must compliment the pants or it could look off, that goes for shorts as well.
4. Skirt or Dress: Pair with solid color anything. wear shoes that aren't too distracting, very feminine and strap, in sandals or heels.

Make sure you pay attention to texture. The most versatile fabrics are silk and cotton, everything else might propose a challenge. Accessories shouldn't be too distracting, keep it feminine, simple, and one color. Now, I stated earlier that you could pair certain prints together, but be careful with that. You can easily pair up lighter color floral prints to floral prints that look similar or have the same colors. Keep floral outfits at a two item at once minimum. For example, if you have a Cami and a Blazer with light floral prints you MUST be sure the bottom, shoes, and accessories are not patterned and is a neutral color. Bold bright prints i would not recommend you match up, it can be too busy depending on the kind of print. but always trust your judgment. There, go for it!

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